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Tanja Haimerl, Managing Partner at HAIX Group discusses PPE

Although laboratory testing and development is a foundation of any high-quality product, it’s our commitment to wearer trials that takes things a step further. We equip users with boots for months at a time to use during their day-to-day routine activities. Performance questionnaires are distributed both during and at the end of the trial, then the user feedback is taken on board, and design changes are made as necessary to better support the wearer’s needs. 

This has led to some of the unique design elements that you see in our footwear today such as lacing systems that are easy to use and ensure a comfortable fit, material changes to improve durability and outsole designs that improve slip resistance. 

Foot health is becoming more and more important, especially in the field of emergency and safety footwear. Of course, these shoes must first and foremost protect their wearers. But even the safest shoe is of no use if it is uncomfortable and therefore not worn willingly. That’s why we also focus on maximum comfort, so that our customers feel completely at ease. 

Our CONNEXIS product line promotes the wearer’s health by stimulating the fascia, thereby releasing tension, stimulating the muscles and reducing negative effects on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, CONNEXIS models are designed to support the natural functioning of the feet and prevent malposition. CONNEXIS is therefore a double investment, because it protects its wearers today and pays for their health tomorrow. 


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