Improved firefighting robots help save lives

A new design in firefighting robots, already successfully tested in the field, could make firefighters’ jobs less dangerous and address one of the biggest challenges with firefighting robots – the ability to manoeuvre in a burning structure. Firefighting robots equipped with a new automatic T-valve system can remove water from the fire hose whenever the robot moves to a new location. The technology takes significantly less energy for firefighters to

Forsyth County Fire Department’s first career firefighters reach 20-Year anniversary with County

Friday, March 23 marked the 20-year anniversary of the hiring of Forsyth County’s first full-time, career firefighters. The move toward what is now a progressive and modern fire department got its origins in the hiring of those original 30 firefighters in the spring of 1998. “The groundwork of our Fire Department was laid by the countless volunteer firefighters who organized the department in 1972,” said Fire Chief Danny Bowman. “The