Darley can’t wait to see you at INTERSCHUTZ!

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Darley will be in Hall 27, Stand D22 and we have lots of products to show you!

We will have a number of partners and subject matter experts (SMEs) on the various products ready to explain their features and benefits to you, as well as some available to do hands-on demonstrations. If you are not able to attend Interschutz, a sneak peek at some of the exciting new products for 2022 can be found below!

TSM 2000: The TSM is the most compact, durable and efficient 2000 GPM pump on the market. Designed by experts in fluid dynamics, every part on the pump is matched to be long-lasting in rough conditions. It features the Darley MagnaTrans transmission, which has a silicon carbide mechanical seal and a gearbox that will handle 19,230 ft lbs of torque. Its gears are helically cut and the impeller is vacuum-cast to eliminate porosity and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

ZSM: Often used in industrial and ARFF operations, the ZSM is the highest flowing midship pump available on the market in a very compact package. It has ratings from 2500 to 3000 GPM (3500 GPM is available for fireboats) and features the Darley MegaTrans, which like the MagnaTrans has silicon carbide mechanical seals and parts machined for long life and serviceability.

FLAIM Trainer: The FLAIM Trainer is on the cutting edge of firefighter instruction. By combining virtual reality, multi-sensory physical interfaces, real fire science, biometric performance, real-time data capture and analysis and a safe and controlled environment, firefighters have the opportunity to train on real fire behaviour without the danger, cost and carcinogen exposure of a live fire event. The trainer can choose from a library of possible scenarios and the FLAIM suit and mask simulate the heat, sound and sight of the fire. Biometric data as well as response is measured, so a firefighter can receive individual feedback immediately from their trainer.

HazSim Pro 2.0: The HazSim Pro is currently used to train thousands of personnel in fire, military, oil and gas and power facilities across North America.  The system is used for basic hazwoper, hazmat tech/spec, confined space and any training for those who encounter dangerous atmospheres. HazSim Pro 2.0 is able to simulate 4, 5, 6 gas metres as well as radiation and WMD.  

Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket Pro-X: Bridgehill car fire blanket provides the quickest and most effective way to extinguish a car fire by removing oxygen supply. Toxic gases and smoke are stifled immediately in fossil fuel cars. The same immediate result is achieved in electric cars whose batteries have not been affected by the fire. The fire and smoke are isolated within seconds of spreading the blanket over the car. Ideal solution for parking garages, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, boat ferries, car dealerships, metropolitan areas, etc.

We will have a number of other Darley pumps, like the LSRH and the UHP-HV (Ultra High Pressure-High Volume), as well as additional products and partners, like our Darley turnout gear and Key Hose.

To read more exclusive features and latest news please see our May issue here.

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