Cybrid Thrust helps belgian first responders

Cybrid Thrust

Since 2019, Cybrid Thrust has been the drone partner for most of the public safety, security and defense organisations in Belgium and abroad.

Cybrid thrust

The company has developed specialist expertise to solve the most challenging issues with innovative solutions and benefits from numerous trusted references in the market.

Cybrid Thrust’s team advises and delivers turnkey solutions in the field of autonomous systems, advanced robotics and smart sensors. It, therefore, seems natural that the Fotokite Sigma, made for first responders, resonates into the Cybrid Thrust company vision, bringing a safer and simpler way to access live footage, for any emergency or security team, without the need to pilot a system.

Fotokite Sigma

Fotokite is a Zurich CH, Syracuse NY, and Boulder CO based company creating tools that assist public safety teams with elevated situational awareness. They build fully autonomous, persistent, and reliable systems that provide invaluable overview information to firefighters and first responders to help them manage complex, safety-critical situations

Matteo Baronio, Cybrid Thrust’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said “Fotokite fulfills all our expectations and our end customers’ needs, in terms of ease of deployment, reliability and safety. Fotokite Sigma’s innovative solution enables all first responders and security organizations with an eye in the sky.”

He added, “Actionable dissemination of live images enhances their situational awareness and fastens the decision making process during critical situations.”

The Kite, firefighting aerial camera

The Fotokite Sigma allows any firefighters to quickly gain overview perspectives, during critical situations, at the push of a button, without any active piloting necessary. The Kite is a firefighting-specialised aerial camera, it is robust and deployable in seconds, and fully-autonomous, in order to provide consistent aerial point of view, during emergency situations.

The system fits well within any fire departments, who have not yet established a drone program. It serves to complement existing drone programs, without adding any complexity for a daily-use front line tool. The IP55 classification and 24h+ flight autonomy allow the Fotokite Sigma to be used safely in all weather conditions.


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