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Martin Joosen

Martin Joosen, Managing Director for EMEA territories at LION discusses exclusively fire training and the environmental responsibilities of the fire industry 

Fire Buyer Editor, Rebecca Spayne sits down with equipment expert Martin Joosen, Managing Director for EMEA territories at LION. Martin has more than 20 years of experience in International Business, 17 of which are in the Fire Rescue Market. He joined LION in 2018. LION is an innovative technology company providing worldwide fire training equipment for firefighters and first responders. LION makes equipment to help your team get ready for any emergency scenario. 

How does LION maintain its market leading position in the fire industry? 

We provide different distinct emergency training solutions for all training scenarios like rural & urban, industrial firefighting, offshore, maritime, HazMat, airport and Urban Search & Rescue Training. 

We focus on bringing new training solutions that will prepare first responders for real-life events. It can be “greener” solutions like digital training units or smoke treatment patented systems, for example. But also training units that are cost effective in terms of patterned and consistent training modules, or resource consumption like gas. There are only 2 things with which we never compromise: 

Safety: All our training solutions propose simulation that let you feel the intensity of fire within controlled environment where you can take control of the situation at any moment you want. 

Realism: We provide training environments where you can use all firefighting techniques necessary. You aren’t constrained by your training environment scope, all situation and responding fire behaviour can be reproduced. You aren’t affected by weather conditions ad all scenarios are consistent and easily repeatable. 

What benefits can real-life training provide? 

As we mentioned earlier, real-life training is a must for all frontline responders. The more realistic you train the better you will be ready for your next intervention or emergency. Real-life training aims to provide mostly “muscle memory” this is those action that quickly become reflex. You don’t think anymore you act right away. You can respond and react to most fire behaviour and use the fittest firefighting techniques within seconds. 

What are digital fire simulators? 

When training with digital fire simulators you give your trainees the skills they need without the time-consuming setup and health risks of traditional burns. LION digitally enabled training offers the same unpredictability and variety, you see in actual emergencies – and it’s safer and more repeatable.  

LION digital fire simulators combine digital flames, sound and smoke to create realistic fire conditions that respond directly to hose line application. Fire growth and smoke conditions are based on fire research data provided by nationally recognised labs. Smoke output is tied to the size of the fire and the time since ignition. Once the fire is started, it will grow and extend to additional panels while producing realistic volumes of smoke. 

What is the most important aspect of fire training? 

Repetition. This is key for everyone training. You need to train again and again to develop physical strength and technical skills, enhance knowledge of building construction or fire behaviour. But it is also crucial to train as often as possible to improve the ability to work together with others as part of a coordinated team. 


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