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22, Avenue René Coty
75014 Paris – France 


PROFOAM, manufacturer of high-quality Fire Fighting Foam concentrates are leading the way in fire suppression solutions 

PROFOAM produces a complete range of superior quality and eco-friendly foam concentrates to fight hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires. Our foam concentrates comply with the most rigorous international standards and regulations. 

Founded by a team of experts in the field of fire-fighting foams, PROFOAM unites its extensive know-how with cutting-edge production technology and facilities. 

With a production plant at the heart of the European continent, PROFOAM can quickly and efficiently distribute products globally via nearby sea ports and Milan Malpensa airport. 

Overseeing global sales, PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL in Paris continues to build an efficient and professional global network, capable of offering our highest standards of service and supply to customers all around the world. 

PROFOAM is totally committed to respecting the environment. Minimising the impact of our products on the environment and reducing pollution risks are an integral part of our manufacturing process. 

PROFOAM achieved the specialized accreditation ‘AIA’ – Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale (Integrated Environmental Authorization) in 2019. 

AIA is an administrative protocol that aims to collate within one single document all the environmental authorisations necessary for the implementation of industrial installations, guaranteeing a global and integrated consideration of the pollution generated by them. 

In addition to our constant striving for product improvement and in line with both our environmental responsibilities and concern for efficient management of the product quality and customer service, PROFOAM pursues a fully integrated system of quality and environmental management. 

PROFOAM factory and test and analysis laboratory are ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

‘Foam concentrates by professionals for professionals’ is the PROFOAM motto and we pride ourselves on the high level of technical assistance we provide all customers on our entire range of foam products. 

PROFOAM’s expertise is crucial in assisting customers to assess their specific risks and needs. From regular in-house chemical analysis of stored product, through to informed advice on the suitability of particular products for specific installations, PROFOAM places its expertise fully at the disposal of both new and existing customers to provide a totally professional and comprehensive service. 

This highly flexible production system and fully audited quality control process are key factors in growing our sales, as new and existing customers alike seek a manufacturer capable of producing and supplying the highest quality and most dependable product in the shortest possible timescale. 

For large scale fire emergencies, our 24-hour emergency service, linked to the production department, is able to supply ample quantities of any foam type in just a few hours, thanks to our high daily production capacity of 200,000 litres and large warehouse stocks. 

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