Cerberus Cloud Apps from Siemens take Fire Safety to the next level


“At Siemens, we have always been in the forefront of developing advanced and proven technologies to support our customers the best possible way. This is also true for our digitalized fire safety services, Cerberus Cloud Apps which won the Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s Product of the Year (2020) award. Thanks to this solution, we help customers around the world manage their business more effectively while ensuring peace of mind.”, says Holger Junker, Head of Fire Safety Portfolio EN and Digital Offering at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

When protecting a building against fire incidents, the ultimate level of protection is to make the communication between the fire protection system and the interfaces that collect data quick, reliable and smart. It starts with ensuring that all data is continuously available remotely so that system performance can be monitored and managed using any computer, laptop or mobile device – anytime and anywhere. This is now possible using the Cerberus Cloud Apps from Siemens Smart Infrastructure. The apps are part of Siemens’ holistic approach to fire protection where every element of fire protection matters – from detection and evacuation, to danger management and cloud services. The Cerberus Cloud Apps give service providers and their customers the big picture when it comes to the fire safety of their building. Here are the main features of this latest offering.

What are the Cerberus Cloud Apps?

This cloud-based solution consists of three apps: Cerberus Portal, Cerberus Tunnel and Cerberus Test. Cerberus Portal provides a complete overview of the fire protection system and allows any computer, laptop or mobile device to access detailed information about where the incident is occurring. Using Cerberus Tunnel, service providers can troubleshoot systems remotely and make intelligent decisions about when they need to make a site visit. To make sure all fire detectors are working, service providers can easily test them using the Cerberus Test app. While testing detectors, service technicians will receive instant results, in real time via text- to-speech technology.

Cerberus Cloud Apps benefits. For more information, visit the Siemens Cerberus Cloud Apps page.

What does the cloud offering stand for?

Cerberus Cloud Apps are more than a web-based solution; they constitute a fundamental change in the way we think about fire safety and the way fire protection systems are maintained.

They call for a mindset change where a building’s safety should not be assumed but considered guaranteed thanks to constant monitoring, which eliminates doubt and the element of chance. In addition, digitalizing the services offered by maintenance companies improves their efficiency and productivity while reducing maintenance costs and time. With minimum hardware costs, multiple sites can be monitored and serviced remotely through the cloud, 24/7. Real-time status updates and site overview lead to increased service quality and reliability. When incidents occur, the best response is to react quickly. With access through the portal, concerned parties are notified immediately via SMS or email so they can respond quickly and facilitate remote support. Service providers receive a detailed report with all the required information so they can be well prepared when they arrive on site, thus benefiting from better use of human resources.

All these features of the Cloud Apps ensure business continuity, make building activities more efficient and increase the uptime of the fire protection system. Service providers in Europe and the USA as well as their customers can now benefit from the Cerberus Cloud Apps.

How easy are Cerberus Cloud Apps to install and configure?

The installation process is very user-friendly and consists of three simple steps that require no more than two hours. First, service providers need to register the gateway in the cloud. Second, they visit the customer’s site and install the gateway next to the fire panel. Finally, they link the gateway to the fire system, and the newly connected site pops up in the Cerberus Portal website.

What does Siemens do to ensure the security of Cerberus Cloud Apps?

Cerberus Cloud Apps utilize the AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure (Microsoft) cloud infrastructure to host their application services, which, along with Siemens Connect Device, offer an end-to-end solution to unlock new value for customers. AWS and Azure provide the cloud infrastructure hardware, software and networking to meet the requirements of security-sensitive organizations; they are responsible for protecting the global infrastructure that runs all the services offered within their cloud.

How do the Cerberus Cloud Apps help create smart buildings?

We live in a digital age full of continuous information where performance is constantly improved with the help of data and interactions with smart interfaces enable us to make intelligent decisions. Cerberus Cloud Apps allow this interaction to take place and performance to improve. This drive for constant optimization lies at the heart of smart buildings whose very purpose is to enhance the user experience.

For more information, visit the Siemens Cerberus Cloud Apps page.

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