Product Spotlight – TenCate

Innovative Clothing manufacturer TenCate bring to the table the latest in firefighter protection that doesn’t skimp on comfort

Your New Favourite Outer Shell
As the firefighter’s first line of defense, outer shells play a crucial role in protecting them from the dangers they face while responding to a call. They provide a barrier against flames, abrasion, chemicals, and other hazards, and are designed to be tough and protective. However, the protection that outer shells offer can come at the expense of comfort. Traditional outer shells tend to be stiff, crunchy, and bulky, making it difficult for firefighters to move and perform their duties comfortably.

To address this issue, TenCate Protective Fabrics created Flex, an outer shell that provides both protection and comfort in a single solution. Powered by PBI and Kevlar fibers, Flex delivers the thermal stability and abrasion resistance firefighters need to stay safe and confident on the job. Strengthened with Enforc Technology, Flex is woven using a revolutionary flex twill technique, which provides an incredibly comfortable feel the very first wear.

Made to Move
As firefighters know, the problem with traditional outer shells is that they often require a long and uncomfortable break-in period. Traditional outer shells must be worn and laundered repeatedly over time to soften them up and make them flexible enough to move in. However, with Flex7, firefighters don’t have to suffer through this break-in period. Instead, Flex7 provides a perfectly broken-in feel from the very first wear, delivering a flexible and smooth feel that is supremely comfortable yet extremely durable.

Flex7 is designed to deliver the feel of a well-worn turnout jacket, but with the added benefits of modern fire protection technology. The material is not only soft and comfortable, but it is also packed with advanced features that help keep firefighters safe. The PBI fibres used in Flex7 provide superior thermal stability, ensuring that the material remains flexible in the extreme heat environments firefighters face. Enforce Technology also ensures that the material is abrasion-resistant, which helps prevent tears and punctures that could compromise your turnout’s protective capabilities.

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