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Stopper Range

Protecting the things that protect you for over 40 years, the Stopper Range has evolved to help prevent misuse, theft, and damage to vital life safety equipment 

Globally recognised, the UL listed Universal Stopper is an indoor and outdoor, low profile or domed, polycarbonate covers protect devices such as manual call points, emergency buttons and dual action pull stations – without restricting legitimate operation. The versatile cover offers excellent protection against physical damage, both accidental and intentional, dust, and grime as well as severe environments. 

As recommended in BS 5839-1:2017 manual call points can be fitted with a protective cover to prevent false fire alarms. The British Standard Institute recommends in section 20.2B), that: “All MCPs should be fitted with a protective cover, which is moved to gain access to the frangible element.”  

The Stopper ranges protection of important life safety equipment extends to detection devices with the UL Listed Steel Web Stoppers, designed for areas where smoke detectors are vulnerable to abuse. The web-like octagon shape of the heavy-duty cages, with corrosion-resistant plastic coating or heavy-duty stainless steel wire, makes them very difficult to break. They cover and protect virtually every smoke detector model available. 

In areas where there is a risk of fire, appropriate firefighting equipment must be provided, required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Should premises fail to meet fire extinguisher regulations you could find that in the event of an incident, your insurance will not pay out. Regulations state that fire extinguishers should be either mounted to a wall or placed in a stand to discourage people from moving them around. However, this advice is regularly ignored with extinguishers commonly used to prop open doors. 

The Theft Stopper has proven highly effective in helping prevent theft, misuse or vandalism of fire extinguishers and other important life safety devices. The self-contained alarm leaves the protected device accessible for use in real emergencies. Made from virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing the self-contained device is both tamperproof and sturdy. 

Under the same Article 14 of Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005: “Emergency doors must not be so locked or fastened that they cannot be easily and immediately opened by any person who may require to use them in an emergency,” meaning “in the event of danger, it must be possible for persons to evacuate the premises as quickly and as safely as possible.” 

The Exit Stopper is a unique and highly effective way to alert you to any unauthorised exits or entries through emergency exits and fire doors. It can also serve as an inexpensive security device and help prevent theft. It is available in red or green and can be installed on almost any type of door, including remote placement of the sounder. The highly visible ‘STOP’ sign discourages unauthorised use of emergency doors. 

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