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Fire and Rescue services identify why PGI Safety’s Barrier Hoods are the most comfortable and effective hoods on the market 

More and more fire and rescue services are recognising the importance of particulate protection as cancer continues to be the leading cause of disease among fire service personnel. As brigades consider new particulate blocking PPE, PGI has seen a dramatic uptick within the UK and European markets for particulate blocking hoods. 

We are delighted that more fire service organisations are choosing PGI for their particulate flash hoods mainly due to the unique design and patented features of our extremely well engineered protective hoods. 

Organisations understand there is a need to add particulate protection but some report experiences of overheating especially when the work rate increases, thus placing extra burden on the wearer. This is where BarriAire Gold Particulate Barrier Hoods shine bright. Widely accepted as the most protective and breathable particulate hoods on the market, we are getting feedback that this is the first particulate barrier hood that feels barrier-less! 

Mark Salter, Group Commander, Cornwall Fire Rescue commented that during recent trials the PGI BarriAire Gold Particulate Barrier Hoods were the most comfortable they have experienced. Whilst others mentioned that they didn’t even notice they were wearing a particulate blocking hood. 

Our patented BarriAire Gold Particulate Barrier Hoods feature an outer layer of proprietary PGI gold flame resistant fabric infused with meta-aramid, para-aramid and anti-stat fibres for exceptional wash, wear, durability and permanent static resistance. An exclusive DWR finish reduces and releases build-up of contaminates and soil. BarriAire Gold Hoods incorporate an inner layer of ultra-lightweight DuPont Nomex Nano Flex fabric, which inhibits penetration of harmful contaminants and carcinogenic particles. 

In fact, Ken Corbett, Group Manager, and Head of Operations in Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service stated, “The development of the BarriAire Gold particulate fire fighting hood by PGI, has enabled us to become one of the first UK Fire and Rescue Services to supply our frontline fire fighters with a product that affords them the very best protection.” Corbett went on to say, “The ability to innovate and utilise technology within PPE should never be under estimated and it’s an area that we will continue to explore.” 

In addition to its exceptional particulate blocking characteristics, the unique Nomex Nano Flex fabric is currently the only barrier available that actually affords an air permeability rating above 22 CFM, meaning BarriAire Gold Hoods offer breathability that is twice to three times greater than competing PTFE laminated barrier hoods. We believe air permeability is a significant factor to consider when it comes to firefighter safety. Studies have shown that a hot hood which traps in heat, like PTFE barrier hoods, can lead to issues with heat stress and steam burns, which pose increased risks to firefighters.  

Time and time again we are told by wear trialists that our BarriAire Gold particulate blocking hood is the most comfortable and breathable hood they have trialed. When you combine that with the industry-leading, peace-of-mind protection it provides, BarriAire Gold Hoods are the fitting response to the many hazards firefighters face.


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