Coopers – The importance of fire safety training


Fire safety training is vital in any environment, but fire safety training in the workplace is essential for any business or organisation working in a commercial building.

Everyone working in the building needs to know how to recognise potential fire hazards, practice regular fire safety and prepare to deal with emergencies safely and sensibly. Investing in fire safety training is a non-negotiable benefit to a business that will, in return, potentially save lives and protect the building from damage. According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005, employers have a legal duty to equip employees with relevant fire safety training.

Fire safety training

Investing in fire safety training not only keeps the user in line with the law but also allows staff to feel confident in tackling issues that may occur during a fire. The benefits of providing such training are too critical to disregard if the user wishes to run a business that takes care of its employees and property.

Perhaps a direct reason for fire safety training is to keep employees safe while in the workplace. If the user doesn’t look after employees, who are the main drive to success, they risk business growth plummeting. Those without knowledge of fire safety will feel hesitant or uneasy in the workplace, causing productivity levels to decrease. Safety is paramount in a working environment, and employees will work better where they know they are comfortable and secure.

Observing potential hazards
Fire safety doesn’t stop at knowing the evacuation points and extinguishing fires. Observing potential hazards and preventing fires from happening in the first place is the best practice when dealing with an emergency. Employees with fire safety training will feel confident enough to take charge and minimise the damage.

Working within a team grows trust, brings collaboration to the workplace, and encourages more communication amongst team members. Fire safety training brings an element of communication between employees that can help to promote better working relationships and overall culture. Trust will grow as the team learns how to protect themselves and one another from the dangers of fire.

Installing fire safety

Fire safety is a skill that benefits employees throughout their entire life and not just in the workplace. It teaches people to have the ability to remain calm in stressful situations that prevent an emergency from getting out of hand. With the right mindset, team members will handle emergencies with confidence.

Owning a commercial property requires building owners to protect everyone who works within or visits the property from fire by law. Fire risk assessments, noticing potential hazards, and installing fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and emergency lighting is only the beginning. Providing fire safety training for staff or designated senior employees is the next best step.


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