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LION offers some of the best training services on the market to ensure the firefighters of the future are equipped to deal with its new challenges 

At LION, we understand the influence of training and are committed to properly preparing trainees for the real thing. We realise that a reliable training partner is a party able to propose the right training solution by removing potential risks without renouncing the realism of the training or action when it matters. 

Since developing our first industrial-grade smoke generator, we have committed to utilising innovative technology and high-quality, durable construction in product design and implementation. This passion has led us to develop advanced fire safety and emergency training products. 

LION Fire & Technical Training Products and Solutions simulate every fire or emergency response situation facet. The training products, units, structures, and props are constructed accurately to scale. They are built into objects and appliances that would be found in real life. LION focuses on creating the most realistic training scenarios possible, allowing trainees to experience the full impact of an emergency. 

LION is one of the largest providers of fire and safety training tools and full-scale, multidisciplinary firefighter training complexes. We propose a complete array of highly differentiated products and services to ensure that first responders are ready for action. 


LION is more than just a “run-of-the-mill” training equipment manufacturer. We believe there are safer, more cost-effective methods to prepare your team to face dangerous situations. We are committed to helping global first responders to learn the skills they need in unique ways. We propose training as an escalating program that supports your team wherever they are on their training journey. 

With our vast range of digital, live-fire products and facilities, your trainees can become proficient with the basics before building up to live-fire training. We are looking to suggest the proper hands-on training – that aligns with your training objectives – to build the skills to move them further along this spectrum. 

Because many of our products work together seamlessly, you can think of our tools, props, and facilities as pieces of a giant puzzle. You can adjust your existing program instead of buying new equipment yearly as your needs change. You can give your people the skills, knowledge, and experience they need today and in the future. You can stretch your budget. And best of all, you can get your team home safe. 


We aim to learn from everyone and value curiosity and personal initiative to understand and exceed our customers’ needs. We use teamwork and feel responsible for doing whatever it takes to deliver solutions. Long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and collaboration are at the heart of LION’s success and values. To make sure that we can propose the proper training solutions, we build our own fire and training experience to be able to walk in our customers’ shoes. The unique portfolio we sell pushes us constantly to care that every emergency responder and firefighter that uses our training equipment get the experience they need to be safe and successful on every call.  

We are ready for the next generation’s training! 

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