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With 33 years’ experience in mobile water transport, Hytrans describes how their latest innovative systems are every fire and rescue service’s must have 

Hytrans develops, manufactures and supplies mobile water transport units with hydraulically driven submersible pumps since 1988. During these 33 years Hytrans  has supplied over 1200 HydroSub units worldwide. Quality, proven performance and innovation are the keywords that contributed to the success of the mobile water transport equipment of Hytrans. 

Hytrans has complete mobile water transport solutions for municipal Fire and Rescue services as well as for the Industrial Fire Service. HydroSub units with capacities from 1.500 lpm @ 10 bar (approx. 400 GPM @ 150 psi) up to 45.000 lpm @ 12 bar (approx. 12.000 GPM @ 175 psi) are part of the standard products range. The HydroSub units are not only used to provide fire water for large scale incidents but also to reduce the after math of large-scale floods.  

The mobile systems developed and manufactured by Hytrans Systems are designed to be used in extreme circumstances. In these circumstances the system must be deployed in minutes using minimum manpower. This is why the engineers at Hytrans constantly working on making things easier, lighter and with a higher performance without affecting performance, strength, reliability and mobility. We are using our 33 year experience to make the best system worldwide available.  

Mobile high volume pumping was, is and will be a constant development in order to get bigger, better, faster and lighter equipment to help fire fighters to assist them to fulfil their tough job. 



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