What happened at Fire Buyer Live 2022?


Fire Buyer Live (FBLive), the new, dedicated online experience, took place between 23-24 February 2022 

FBLive is the new dedicated online experience for the entire international fire sector to source the latest equipment and systems, develop important relationships and generate new business opportunities. The event will be returning in 2023 and all of the content from this year can be accessed on demand, you can register on the FBLive website! 


On Wednesday 23 February 2022, FBLive launched for the first time attracting viewers from its international audience. There were a diverse range of speakers discussing trending topics that are relevant in the fire industry. Sessions include: 

  • ‘Helping firefighters influence future technical developments in the industry’: 

Bernie Higgins, Director at the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and Steve Hamm, Chief Executive Officer at The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) look at how the IFE and FIA can help firefighters influence future technical developments in the industry. 

  • ‘Fire unpredictability and prevention methods’: 

This session is led by Karen Trigg, Business Development Manager at Allegion UK. Karen discusses different methods of fire safety. 

  • ‘A new era of testing and certification for the construction industry’: 

Marcus Parnham, Commercial Director at Profab Access explores the importance of superseding minimum levels of compliance to ensure the long-term safety of a building by specifying, installing and maintaining building products that have undergone adequate product testing and certification. 

  • ‘Flexible evacuation solutions to meet BS 8629’: 

Ken Bullock, Business Development Manager – Evacuation Alert Systems at Advanced explains the scope and definitions of BS 8629, evacuation alert zone, sounders, siting of devices, evacuation alert control and indicating equipment, responsibilities of the installer and commissioning and handover.  

  • ‘How do British Standards play a role in global fire safety?’: 

Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, Chairman at Coltraco Ultrasonics is the speaker for this session.  

  • ‘Build your own talent’: 

David Scott, Managing Director of Skills for Security explores the necessities of recruiting and upskilling in the fire and security industries..  

  • ‘Code harmonisation in a multi-jurisdictional world – A Canadian example’: 

Thomas Roche, Senior Consultant at Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA) covers the English Building Regulations as a way to understand the material.  

  • ‘HighRise tactics used by Toronto’s HighRise Unit’: 

Brent Brooks, specialist HighRise Firefighter presents a collection of short videos showing solutions for HighRise buildings. 

On Thursday 24 February, the second and final day of FBLive continued with more groundbreaking sessions. 

  • ‘Decade of Action, reinventing global fire standards’: 

Gary Strong BSc (Hons), Global Building Standards Director, Fire Safety Lead, RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Director of The International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS) Coalition, highlights who the coalition are, their importance and why they were formed with support from the United Nations. 

  • ‘The moral identity of Fire Safety’: 

Gavin Skelly, Founder of Fire Aware, explains how we can identify businesses that care about the safety of the people that occupy the building’s they create. 

  • ‘Fire Safety in a post-Grenfell world: do the proposed legislative changes go far enough?’: 

Kizzy Augustin, Partner at Russell-Cooke Solicitors discusses the way the government and lawmakers have responded to the risks identified as a result of the Grenfell Public Enquiry.  

  • ‘Fire Training in today’s challenging world’:

Arnaud Lefebvre, Sales Director and John Kop, Business Development Manager at LION lead this session. LION is an innovative technology company providing worldwide fire training equipment for firefighters and first responders 

  • ‘Making fireground rehab a tactical consideration!’: 

Michael Robinson, CEO at HeatSeeker tells a story that changed his way of thinking regarding safety and how important it is. 

  • ‘The Evolution of the Technical Rescue Search Camera – USAR’: 

Alan Jakobsen, North American Sales Manager at Agility Technologies goes over the changes that have occurred since the first introduction of search cameras until today. 

  • ‘Special Hazards Fire Protection’: 

Lance Harry, President and CEO of Fireaway, provides a broad overview of extinguishing agents and their role in special hazard fire protection.  


FBLive cannot wait to return in 2023 with more innovative content. Please register on our website (firebuyerlive.com/call-for-content/) to catch all of the above sessions on demand. 

To read more exclusive features and latest news please see our February issue here.

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