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The dead horse continues to be beaten: the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world forever. It’s a rare feat in this modern age for the world to be stricken by the same affliction and come out on the other side with a homogenised attitude towards it. The importance of personal space and hygiene, especially in public spaces, have moved to the forefront of the world’s attention – not only that, but attitudes towards remote work and networking have improved everywhere. Working from home, along with all of its quirks and irregularities, have become more accepted by many businesses, which has improved the moods of workers who have found themselves freed from the chains of a stressful commute or time away from family. In an increasingly digitised world accelerated by the pandemic, the team here at International Fire Buyer have glimpsed into our crystal ball and saw a future in online events. Returning for the second year in a row, we are delighted to reintroduce you to Fire Buyer Live. 

An entirely online event that is completely free to attend, Fire Buyer Live will take place over the course of two days, from March 8-9 and will feature online sessions by some of the most important people in our industry, from all corners of both the active and passive sides of the market. Each day will be split in half, with alternating mornings and afternoons dedicated to each side of the market (so on day one, the morning will feature passive sessions and the afternoon active; on day two, the mornings will be for the active sessions and the afternoon for the passive). Fire Buyer Live is the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to meet, interact and network with potential connections for your area of expertise: it’s all the benefits of attending a live show without the expenses of travel and accommodation – hosted entirely on your phone or home computer.  

The Fire Buyer Live conference programme will be delivered in collaboration with the editorial team and regular contributors to International Fire Buyer Magazine. Consisting of best practice, technological innovations, case studies and success stories, tailored to the needs of today’s users, developers and suppliers. 

There are a variety of insightful sessions being held at Fire Buyer Live by some of the most important people in the industry from leading companies and institutions. Anthony Taylor, whom some of you may remember from our November issue’s Big Interview last year will return once again to deliver a session on competency in the fire industry and the changes in regulation and legislation that has led up to today. For the active side of the industry, Perimeter Solutions’ VP of Research, Melissa Kim, delivers a session on the evolution of foams technology and its real-world applications. We also have a session from friend of the magazine, IFE CEO, Steve Hamm, to talk more about the accreditation landscape and how the IFE can help those who are looking to further their mastery over the fire safety landscape. Daniel May, Director of Consort Architectural Hardware will deliver his session on construction regulations in the UK and the technologies and innovations that change the way we think about building commercial facilities to create environments that are safer from fire.  

Join 1000+ people from over 50 different countries in the return of Fire Buyer Live in 2023, the leading and must-attend online event for both the passive and active sectors. With the rapid evolution of technologies, and the constant shift of policy and challenging requirements of users, it is now more important than ever to stay abreast of the issues that affect you. 

Thanks to the position of International Fire Buyer Magazine, suppliers choose us as a key marketing partner to launch new products and solutions, making Fire Buyer Live the go-to place to immerse yourself in the latest technology and innovation. 

We would love to see all of our readers attending Fire Buyer Live – with it being free of charge, all you need is an email address and you have unlimited access to all of the show’s exclusive content, sessions, videos and speaker profiles. Because Fire Buyer Live is an international event, we understand that everyone’s operating on different timezones, so attendees will have unlimited access to all our event’s content on demand. Fire Buyer Live has been a labour of love by all of us here to bring you what we believe is the way forward to enhancing your experiencing in networking. Be sure to sign up at our website and we hope to see you there very soon! 

To read the rest of this feature, see our latest issue here.

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