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Future Market Insights explores how extensive industrialisation is paving the way for the fire pumps market landscape in the lead up to 2030 

Fire pumps are an essential part of many water-based fire protection systems. They are used to increase the pressure of a water source when that source is not adequate for the system it is supplying. These are commonly found in buildings that tend to have a high-pressure demand such as high-rises or storage warehouses.  

There are many types of fire pumps available. It is important to select the correct type of pump for the installation project to avoid excessive costs, and to avoid excessive pressures that might damage your system. If all the factors are not taken into consideration it could result in a pump installation that does not achieve the necessary pressure requirements which could require a new pump to be installed.  

Fire pumps are part of an application water supply and are powered by electricity, diesel or steam. They activate when the pressure in the fire sprinkler systems falls beneath a certain level and provide water flow at a very high pressure to the sprinkler system, which is then disposed onto the fire. Because of this fire pumps are an integral component to fire safety and fire suppression. So, what is the forecast for the pump market over the next few years? Future Market Insights recently released a survey report of their findings. You can find the in-depth analysis on their website and e-book. 

Fire pump market overview 

As manufacturing industries expand, fire hazards at industrial sites have heightened in equal proportion. The risks of fire outbreaks are especially high across chemical manufacturing, petroleum extraction and oil & gas industries. 

According to estimates by the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services, there were more than 1.3 million cases of fires reported in the United States and nearly 3 million cases in France respectively. 

Furthermore, fire hazards resulted in direct economic losses amounting to US$ 23 billion as of 2016. On the back of these trends, the demand for fire pumps across these sectors is anticipated to be the maximum in the next half-a-decade’s forecast period. 

Governments are enforcing stringent fire safety regulations across factories and making it mandatory for all industrial plants to have proper fire escape and firefighting facilities. To this end, countries such as the United States are appropriating their budgets to install fire pumps across industrial and household sectors respectively. 

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