The importance of inspecting fire doors

fire doors

Checking and inspecting fire doors is an integral part of Chubb’s portfolio of fire solutions designed to prevent, detect, and contain fires while enabling people time to safely evacuate. Everyday use of fire doors can result in damage to the door and its surroundings, which can affect the performance of the door in the event of a fire.

Chubb offers a comprehensive audit of fire doors for businesses and landlords in the UK, helping them maintain safe environments and conform to the latest fire safety legislation.

Fire door inspections are carried out by a competent fire assessor who will carefully inspect internal doors, checking each door’s structural integrity, the furniture, and mechanisms for faults, damage, or wear.

The assessor will provide a report detailing any remedial work required and information and photographs of any nonconformities.

Complying with fire safety regulations

Tracy Gregory, Fire Consultancy General Manager at Chubb, said, “Fire door checks should become part of every business’ fire safety strategy, just like testing the battery on a smoke alarm or checking the pressure of a fire extinguisher.”

“Our Fire Door Inspections provide business owners and landlords with the relevant documented proof they need to help them comply with fire safety regulations.’’

Reducing risks in buildings

Fire safety legislation for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland highlights the legal responsibilities of reducing the risk of fire spreading within premises. Fire doors play an important part in reducing this risk in many buildings.

Penalties for failing to comply with the legislation carry unlimited fines or a prison sentence for organisations and landlords. Chubb’s Fire Door Inspections are available to all businesses in the UK.


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