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Foam pumps, balanced pressure and ATP foam systems 

Around-the world Trident Emergency Products specialises and supplies our GP-Series high quality foam pumps and foam system components 

We have the ideal combination of industrial firefighting applications for both mobile fire apparatus and fixed installations. Trident offers delivery on foam pumps in less than seven (7) days from our in-stock inventory for both new installations and “emergency” foam pump replacements. 

Our GP-Series Foam Pumps are of all bronze and stainless-steel construction, include a run-dry feature with separate timing gears and oil lubrication (no grease fittings), mechanical seals (no lip seals), and four (4) life-time sealed bearings. Foam pumps are available from 115 LPM to 1890 LPM ranging up to 20 BAR. UL listed foam pumps are available from 115 to 750 LPM with relief valves as standard. The GP500 foam pump is the largest in the fire industry – perfect for foam tanker and foam transfer installations. PTO, electric, hydraulic, and engine-driven with motor mounts available. 

Foam pump skid units are now available with either electric motor or diesel engine drives in various combinations with optional electronic controllers. These units are engineered for each customer’s requirements and performance. 

Build Your Own System: We have now combined our GP-Series foam pumps and foam equipment into new Balanced-Pressure Packages for mobile applications called Foamate-BP. The KEY to our Foamate-BP Product is the manual operation feature (no electronics, computers, or wiring to maintain or install) and direct-PTO or hydraulic drive system. UL listed foam pumps and remote-controlled valves are available as options. The system includes a manually operated by-pass valve for back-up operation. This can be designed to utilise ANY fire pump in the world in PTO and split-shaft drives. Various customised configurations are available in less than 30 days. 

These pre-engineered foam kits are offered in 12 models from 2,000 to 13,000 LPM range for Class A, Class B, or Class A and B combination for 1% to 6% foam concentrates. The BP kits feature five (5) Trident foam pumps from 115 LPM to 750 LPM, with ratio controller, balancing valve, heat exchanger system and Duplex gauge. All are equipped with Victaulic connections for ease of installation. 

Ratio controllers are available in 50mm (750 LPM flow), 65mm (1,200 LPM flow), 75mm (2,350 LPM flow), 100mm (1,600 LPM flow), and 150mm (13,000 LPM flow). The BP products are available as either Single-point or Multi-point systems. 

In addition, Trident offers three (3) around-the-pump (ATP) foam systems: Class A Foamate #1.0 up to 1500 LPM; our new Foamate #1.5 (for under 4000 LPM) is available in Class A or Class B or as a combination of Class A + B foams; and our Foamate #2.1 is available for Class B foam flows up to 8,000 LPM (1% & 3%) or 4,000 LPM (6%). All Trident foam products carry a full 5-year warranty. 

Trident Sales and Engineering will assist truck manufacturers and fixed system installers in design, engineering, training and testing. More information can be found at 


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