Fire Sprinkler International returns to London

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Fire Sprinkler International 2022 arrives in London next week from Tuesday 31 May to Wednesday 1 June, drawing to it companies specialising in water-based fire suppression.

European giants EFSN & BAFSA return to host the event, featuring over 50 presentations informing on the latest developments in the industry from around the world. EFSN & BAFSA are two of the largest sprinkler organisations in the business, pooling their resources to produce a conference for the biggest and best participants in water mist and sprinkler tech providers.

As is expected, a lot of today’s developments in the industry were spurred on by the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, which will be a central topic of discussion at FSI 2022 once again as companies evaluate the actions taken in the wake of the disaster. One of which includes the use of residential sprinklers becoming much more commonplace in the UK and how new London policy restricts social housing now to sprinkler-equipped apartment buildings.

Daniel Joyeux of French company Efectis will be speaking at the event, offering some insight into how to better protect vulnerable buildings like Grenfell that were partly composed of combustible materials. Sprinklers are one of these recommended methods of prevention, as they offer effective support for wooden structures.

Many additional guests will feature at the event offering their own findings, including Domestic Sprinkler’s Shayne Parker and Plumis’s William Makant, as well as two members of the International Fire Suppression Alliance, Paul Sincaglia and Russ Fleming.

Other featuring guests include the University of Eindhoven’s Ruud van Herpen, who will discuss how a stay-in-place fire safety plan will only be effective if it has a protective sprinkler system in place. Alongside them, Stuart Lloyd of Zurich Insurance will explain the challenge posed by the growing development of company warehouses in the wake of a commercial arms race within the last couple of years in the event’s first plenary session.

Johannes Zimmerman from SSI-Schafer will outline his company’s plans to protect their shuttle systems, while Autostore’s Ingunn Haraldseid will exhibit the test results yielded from their latest prototype in fire protection.

The second day sees more guests featured, including the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s own Amanda Kimbal will outline the research conducted on its fire suppression products. Ben Ditch will close proceedings on the second day with his company FM Global’s latest research, following on from his colleague Wes Baker’s presentation from the previous day.

The show will see its end with a panel session populated by global leaders of the sprinkler industry: Minimax’s Volker Bechtloff, Laurens Swennenhuis of Johnson Controls, with Paul Sincaglia returning from the previous day to make an appearance on the panel. Alan Brinson will accompany him on discussing the future of the industry and the technology as it steadily evolves.

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