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For over 20 years, TLX Technologies has been a pioneer in the design and production of fire suppression solutions for the fire industry 

We design and manufacture linear actuators, solenoid valves, and liquid level measurement devices for the global fire suppression market. Our products are fast, reliable, and durable and can be configured to fit your individual system. As required by NFPA standards, our actuators and solenoids include an integrated supervisory component to provide fully-engaged installation detection and are resettable for future use. Our engineering expertise helps our customers achieve UL, FM, CE, LPCB, and VDE certifications and listings for their systems. 

We are pleased to announce three new, innovative products that can help keep your fire suppression system operating reliably and safely. Each of these products can be customized to meet your system’s unique specifications.  

Our Explosion Proof Actuator with supervision is specifically designed for use in hazardous gas environments, is UL HazLoc, ATEX, and IECEx certified, and accommodates systems with operating pressures up to 300 bar. The actuator acts as its own enclosure, and as a top-mounting linear actuator design, it does not act as a pressure vessel on the discharge valve. This means that the only potential leak point is within the top of the discharge valve at the discharge valve pin, ultimately providing a more reliable fire suppression system. The supervisory feature ensures fully-engaged installation detection by registering an audio and visual alarm at the fire alarm control panel whenever the actuator is removed from the fire suppression system. The alarm is only deactivated when the actuator is properly installed.  

Our Liquid Level Sensor automatically provides a thermally compensated weight reading of the agent in the fire suppression system’s storage tanks. The weight reading can be displayed directly at the tank on a digital display or transmitted to the fire control panel via hardwired or wireless connection. Data can also be downloaded to a thumb drive through a USB port. Additionally, a simple GO/NO-GO status can be displayed with a green/red LED to indicate the status of the storage tank.  

Our Event Recorder is an add-on device that is compatible with all TLX electric actuators. It logs a time-stamped history of events, including proof of proper installation and other valuable data such as voltage, current, acceleration, and firing pin position. This provides critical information about why the system activated, and accessibility of data is configurable to meet our customer’s requirements.  

Our products are designed by our engineers here in the USA, and we offer production in our own facility in the USA and in our wholly owned subsidiary in Changshu, China. 


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