Coopers Fire – An insight on Christmas fire safety


As the festivities commence, a lot of us will be spending more time at home rather than outdoors, which hugely increases the risk of causing fires, which some may not be aware of. There are numerous fire hazards to be aware of, and Coopers Fire has listed some of the most common to ensure you practice Christmas fire safety as well as possible.

Dry Christmas trees

Real authentic Christmas trees are a beautiful addition to your home and really encourage everyone to get into the spirit of the holidays. However, once they begin to dry up, the chance of causing a fire is high.

It is important to water the trees frequently and sufficiently to prevent them from drying. Another way to prevent your Christmas tree from drying up is to use a live one, which can easily be replanted in the garden after the festivities end.

Lit candles

There is nothing quite like an ambiance and array of bright candles while watching a Christmas movie with your family or friends. It is crucial that you are in a position where you can keep an eye on any lit candles in the home and attend to them at all times to prevent a fire from breaking out.

Keep candles away from children and ensure you remember to blow them out when you are done with them. A great alternative is to use electric candles, which are far safer but still provide the same comforting feel as regular candles.

Christmas dinner – kitchen fires

Christmas dinner is always somewhat of a challenge each year. Cooking the turkey at the right temperature, making sure the roast potatoes are crispier than last year, and dishing up twelve even plates of food is just the beginning.

Grease is just one of the factors that can cause a fire in your kitchen at Christmas time. The oven may overheat and if you are working with a gas stove in such a busy period, you may also put your kitchen at risk. Take care when cooking in the kitchen and make sure you have a fully working fire extinguisher at hand in case of an emergency.

Christmas gadgets – electric socket overload

Adults, teens, and children united, everyone is ready to charge up their anticipated Christmas gadgets as soon as the wrapping paper hits the floor.

However, plugging in too many electrical items in a single socket is a huge risk for fire to occur. Investing in a heavy-duty electrical power source is a much safer option when enjoying any electrical items.


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