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Hydraulics innovation specialist LUKAS provide customers with some of the most robust and effective hydraulics cutting tools on the market 

Our passion: Innovative hydraulic products since 1948 

Since the end of the 1940s, pioneering hydraulic products have been manufactured in Erlangen. Initially only for industrial applications, in 1955 the area of railway track technology was added and in 1972 LUKAS was the first supplier to develop a hydraulic cutter for rescue operations. This laid the foundation for an entire industry. The success story of hydraulic products continues to this day. Every day for almost 80 years, precision tools and innovations for three product lines have been developed and built in the Erlangen-based company. In addition, LUKAS has been part of the IDEX Corporation since 1995 and is thus a “global player”. With 7,352 employees worldwide in 40 different IDEX Business Units, technical know-how, innovations, and synergies can be exchanged and passed on. 


Since 1972, LUKAS has been developing hydraulic rescue equipment for use in the field. With a lot of commitment and passion for the industry, we are pioneers and set the new innovation trends such as eDRAULIC, special blade geometries and liquid-protected rescue tools – our eWXTs. With the LUKAS rescue products, every rescue scenario can be implemented and is technically and qualitatively equipped. We want to continue to pursue this claim for ourselves in the future. With the new e³ generation, the exchange between rescuer and equipment is no longer a vision of the future. In future, operations will be safer, more intelligent and more powerful! All for a common mission: saving lives. 


The rerailing technology branch completes the product range of hydraulic tools at LUKAS in addition to the industrial and rescue sector. Our rerailing technology brings rail vehicles of all types quickly and precisely back on track. Loads can be moved across the entire system from a safe distance from the control table – in both directions and with millimetre precision, of course. Our system counteracts unfavourable load distribution. For our customers, this means working quickly and safely outside the danger zone. The rails can be used again within a very short time and downtime costs are minimised. 


Our roots lie in the development of light metal cylinders. Our powerful helpers are made of aluminium as a material and are therefore not only particularly light, but also extremely corrosion resistant. LUKAS cylinders reliably move any load, have a long service life and material fatigue is very low. Here too, the focus is on safety for our customers: special hoses can be connected to all cylinders in our 500 bar range, whose quick-stop system prevents the load from sinking uncontrollably, regardless of whether a ship needs to be lifted, a motorway bridge renovated or a machine moved. The unique quick-connect coupling, to which you connect the hoses with just one hand movement, also saves you crucial time. 

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