Dafo Vehicle launches fluorine free suppression agent, Forrex EVO

Forrex EVO

Responding to impending global regulations aimed at reducing fluorine content in fire suppression agents, Dafo Vehicle has introduced its latest innovation: Forrex EVO.

Forrex EVO represents an advancement for Dafo Vehicle, offering enhanced flame knockdown, superior penetration and rapid cooling effects for combating fires in high-risk industries. By creating a foam blanket on top of the catalyst, this agent efficiently starves the fire of fuel while extinguishing it, ensuring safety in various operational environments.

The imperative for environmentally conscious solutions has been gaining traction across industries, prompting regulatory bodies such as the United Nations and the European Chemical Agency (ECA) to bring in measures aimed at reducing fluorine content in suppression agents. With the ECA set to enforce restrictions on fluorine usage in foam suppression by 2025, compliance will become obligatory across most European nations.

Anticipating these impending regulations, Dafo Vehicle embarked on a 12-month research and development endeavor to formulate Forrex EVO, eliminating fluorine from its composition.

Anders Gulliksson, Product Manager at Dafo Vehicle, emphasised the company’s commitment to adaptability and safety in the face of evolving fire risks. He stated, “As industry leaders, we recognize the imperative to evolve and innovate, prioritising both safety and environmental stewardship. The launch of Forrex EVO exemplifies our dedication to providing the safest solutions while mitigating environmental impact.”

With the compliance deadline looming, Dafo Vehicle urges stakeholders to proactively transition to fluorine-free alternatives, ensuring not only regulatory adherence but also the advancement of sustainable fire suppression practices.


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