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Fire Buyer Live returns again as the leading online event, covering both the active and passive sides of the fire market. With the recent turbulence of new regulations, the growing built environment, alongside the ongoing climate crisis, the current state of the industry is in constant flux; coming together to address these issues is paramount. The theme for this edition of Fire Buyer Live will cover Protecting the Changing World: Evolution. Adaptation. Transformation.

In our call for papers we are looking for technological innovations, best practice, case studies and success stories. The event will be split into the two sides of the industry: Active and Passive. We are looking for submissions that cover the following topics. To make a submission, please click on the button below, or directly to our Managing Editor Rebecca Spayne at

If you wish to be part of a panel discussion please email Rebecca with your proposal.

Panel Discussions

  • The Future of Fire Safety
  • The Modern Firefighter
  • Differing Requirements of Fire Departments Around the World
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Fire Industry


  • Technological advancements in firefighter apparatus
  • Smart fire protection equipment
  • Technology used in the training space


  • Wildfire use cases and how we can learn from them
  • New innovations to fight the challenge such as drones
  • Wildfire tactics, techniques and equipment


  • Sustainability meets technology
  • Longevity of materials, and the future of PPE
  • Different PPE for different environments


  • The rise of EV vehicles and how to fight it
  • The rise of EV vehicles and how to use them in service
  • Innovative technologies to reduce propagation

Pumps and Foams

  • Sustainable materials and moving away from chemical based foams
  • Pump technologies and its digital applications
  • Portable pumps and tanks

Regulations, Standards and Codes 

    • Competency culture and the responsible person
    • Changing regulations e.g the Building Safety Act
    • Unifying international standards


    • Wired Vs Wireless
    • Smart technology and remote access
    • Integrated innovation in the construction stage

Construction & Materials 

    • Sustainable materials and its effects on fire safety
    • Protecting the evolving built environment
    • Cladding, insulation and changing legislation

Upskilling & Recruitment 

    • Training the younger generations
    • Professional development and its necessities
    • Diversifying the fire industry from the bottom up

Fire Suppression 

    • Growing popularity of watermist in suppression
    • Firestopping guidance
    • The difference between extinguishing and suppression

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