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Fire suppression systems are joining the trend of smart technology and innovations in the industry, so what does the future look like for this sector? 

A fire suppression system is designed to extinguish, contain and prevent fires. The fire prevention system can be easily managed, ensuring that fire ignition or re-ignition is prevented, helping to preserve and protect the environment. 

Fire suppression systems can be installed in a range of building types. There are many variables that need to be taken into account before choosing the right fire suppression system for a property. Finding one depends upon factors such as, the nature of the risk to be protected, the location of the risk, the space available for the storage of fire suppression cylinders, as well as consideration of the environment and of course the financial cost. 

The future is smart 

Smart technology is finding its applications in every avenue. By employing smart technology, any electronic device can collect data and communicate with other similar connected devices or systems when connected to the internet. A smart device typically has an operating system that will connect with other information services or apps. As fire safety is integral for industries, residential, school and commercial, investing in fire protection systems can earn significant benefits for businesses and is a necessity. Existing fire protection systems include fire suppression systems, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems assisting fire detection and protection.  

The need to sweep away the ineffective practices for inspecting, testing and maintaining fire protection equipment is growing with the emergence of smart technologies. By incorporating smart devices, the fire protection system can monitor the temperature and immediately send an alert for the facility manager. The system is more accurate and reliable. Smart devices drastically reduce the workload of inspectors of fire and life safety building systems enabling them to monitor remotely from a laptop in more than two job sites simultaneously.  

Sensors are the most potent and pervasive components installed in buildings that provide opportunities for smart fire fighting. These sensors can track both the environmental condition and the occupants status. Similarly, these sensors in conjunction with firefighters personal protective equipment, as well as in equipment and apparatus, detect and characterise exposure hazards while monitoring the firefighter and civilian hydration and other health parameters to minimise associated risk. 

Smart fire protection systems can be created using cyber-physical technologies that require collecting vast quantities of data, processing, analysing and predicting utilising that information, allowing fire departments and building managers to make appropriate decisions when entering a fire risk environment.  

Depending on the business needs and considering the facility requirements, choose the appropriate fire protection system. Thus, when selecting and installing a system, hire a provider with a brief understanding of the organisation’s needs to customise the fire protection options.  

All fire protection systems have a common goal, to detect fire and protect occupants and save lives. The integration of smart technology to fire and life safety building systems will present many benefits with minimal risk. The system is activated when smoke is detected, causing the sprinkler system to operate. The water prevents the spread of fire. Although it is an effective method, automatic fire suppression systems employing clean agents can be a preferred choice as they leave no residue. Some types of fire protection systems enable the automatic dispatching of emergency services that in turn will immediately suppress the fire while notifying the authorities to send emergency professionals to specific locations. The water sprinklers can also be monitored to ensure fire control. 

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