Morgan Advanced Materials announces FireMaster FireBarrier

High-performance fire protection

Morgan Advanced Materials announces the availability of FireMaster FireBarrier 135 sprayed refractory cement, offering superior fire protection and simple, cost-effective installation. FireMaster FireBarrier 135 is ideal for concrete tunnel lining fire protection and the fire protection of ventilation shafts, escape tunnels and refuges as well as critical systems such as water mains and communication cables.
FireMaster FireBarrier 135 has been specially developed for the high temperatures that may occur in tunnel fires. Unlike most other products used for tunnel fire protection, it can withstand repeated and prolonged exposure to high-temperatures. It can be installed onto concrete or metal substrates using standard spray equipment and featuring very low spraying wastage during installation, its single layer application makes it fast and easy to install. It is adhesive to most construction materials and can be installed quickly, helping to reduce labor costs while maintaining the final product’s quality and proven reliability.
FireMaster FireBarrier 135 has extremely high adhesion strength–typically eight times its weight, allowing fixings to be attached directly to it. It can be trowelled flat to provide a high-quality surface finish that can be used as the final tunnel lining surface (with optional painting), avoiding the need for expensive secondary cladding. The material can also be cast into sheet form and installed as a dry board or shape for applications where spraying is not convenient.
Comprehensive and extensive testing of FireMaster FireBarrier 135 per the RWS fire curve and required by NFPA 502 has proven that the material resists environmental conditions found in tunnels, making it ideal for tunnel fire protection. FireMaster FireBarrier 135 is resistant to water jet sprays used to clean tunnel lining, and will not spall when subjected to water hose sprays at high temperature, increasing firefighting safety.

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