Lifeline Firehose introduces the High-Rise Air Cart

lifeline firehose air cart

Lifeline Firehose has announced the launch of its patented High-Rise Air Cart. The cart works in tandem with the Lifeline Firehose to provide firefighting teams with continuous breathable air.

The High-Rise Air Cart includes three one-hour bottles of compressed air (interchangeable during use for continuous breathable air), with a plastic design to maximise strength and minimise weight to ease set up inside a structure. It’s an easy and quick setup for Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) and high-rise operations rescue.


Emergency scenarios demand quick, reliable solutions, especially when lives are at stake. Traditional backup equipment can fall short under pressure, leading to increased risks of injury, disability, or even fatality. Existing solutions provide limited air supply, typically under an hour, necessitating cumbersome additional operations. Lifeline Firehose equipment transcends these limitations by offering continuous, unrestricted access to breathable air, thereby introducing a vital redundancy in air resources for firefighters.


“This cart works with Lifeline Firehose’s proprietary hose design and also works with other Lifeline equipment,” says Scot Morrison, CEO and Founder of Lifeline Firehose. “Light and portable, the High-Rise Air Cart is outfitted with larger wheels for excellent mobility. It is designed for use in a high-rise fire environment and may be located on a staging floor, one floor below, or one floor above the fire. Its versatility allows it to be stored directly on an apparatus, pre-connected to a water and air source in the structure and used near the structure’s standpipe.”


The essence of the Lifeline Firehose lies in its patented coupler design technology. This feature allows for dual delivery: breathable air for respiration and water for fire suppression, seamlessly integrated through a buddy breather connection at the nozzle’s end. This capability ensures a continuous air supply for various firefighting scenarios, potentially saving lives by providing essential support when it matters most.


Adaptable to any situation where a standard firehose is utilized, the Lifeline Firehose works alone or with other equipment such as the High-Rise Air Cart. The Lifeline Firehose integrates an airline within the hose, permitting the flow of water while also providing a lifeline of breathable air. The system’s buddy breather allows firefighters to connect as needed, offering an invaluable resource during critical moments of air scarcity.


The High-Rise Air Cart works with the Lifeline Firehose with the flexibility and familiarity of conventional firefighting; however, it offers the added, critical option of accessing unlimited air supply from the hose through the buddy breather connection. This design not only meets, but exceeds the rigorous standards set by NFPA 1962, ensuring reliability and safety in operations.


The Lifeline Firehose system is complemented by other auxiliary equipment such as their durable “Tank” Air Cart (ideal for reverse lay scenarios) and the Smith Case, enhancing the continuous availability of breathable air, and works in tandem with the Lifeline Firehose and nozzle configuration, facilitating water and air supply in many different scenarios.


“We are dedicated to working closely with firefighting teams to retrofit existing equipment, ensuring the Lifeline Firehose and its supporting systems can be integrated seamlessly into current firefighting arsenals,” adds Morrison.  This commitment extends to training and support, ensuring minimal learning curves and maximum efficiency in adoption. Together, we can set a new standard in firefighting safety and efficiency.”


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