KASK helmet series for wildfire firefighting

KASK, a distinguished designer and producer of high-performance head protection gear, has introduced the Quantum series as its inaugural line of helmets for wildfire firefighting and technical rescue operations. These helmets are designed for first responders engaged in high-risk tasks that require extended usage.

KASK has set a new benchmark for rescue and wildland firefighting helmets by crafting a solution inspired by the evolution of rescue and climbing headgear, advancements in materials technology, and the ever-evolving challenges of technical rescue, natural disaster response, and wildland firefighting.

In response to these evolving requirements, KASK has developed a novel helmet that complies with three crucial European helmet standards: Wildland Firefighting, Technical Rescue, and Mountaineering. This design is rooted in three fundamental KASK principles: safety, comfort, and aesthetics. This presented the team with the challenge of addressing distinct risk factors encountered in emergency response applications, including impact absorption, durability, and adverse environments. Simultaneously, they aimed to ensure helmet stability, comfort, and user-friendliness.

The Quantum helmet embodies these objectives, starting from its innovative fire and chemical-resistant PC-PBT alloy outer shell and high-density EPS inner layer with a thermoformed cover, extending to the Adaptive Fit system that can be easily adjusted even with gloved hands.

“Quantum began with a question: why can’t we design a better helmet set for these essential workers and the risks they face?” stated Marta Beltramello, Sales & Marketing Director of KASK Safety. “This was the criteria for decision making during development. We are truly honored to provide equipment that is designed better: safer, more comfortable, easier to use, and in the end what they want to wear.”

The Quantum Series has been honored with the 2023 iF Design Award for Design Excellence by the iF International Forum Design. This accolade underscores the Italian-based company’s commitment to developing advanced products that prioritise user needs, offer tangible benefits, and boast exceptional design, all in line with their motto, “Performance is a beautiful thing.”


When conceiving the Quantum helmet, significant thought was given to the wide range of applications and risks that a fire and rescue helmet must address. This led to the incorporation of not only a more performance-oriented, application-based design but also a more effective response to the high-risk nature of emergency situations. Quantum leverages KASK’s proven expertise in high-performance head protection, drawn from their cycling, snow sports, equestrian, and industrial safety divisions.

Safety is guaranteed thanks to the external shell made from a polycarbonate/polybutylene terephthalate (PC/PBT) alloy blend, which offers higher impact resistance across various temperatures, increased heat and flame resistance, and greater chemical resistance. The expanded polystyrene inner foam shell ensures comprehensive impact energy absorption and enhanced comfort. Thermoformed polystyrene covers the EPS, providing increased durability and ease of cleaning and decontamination.

Outstanding wearer comfort is delivered through a multi-layered fabric inner padding with moisture-wicking technology and exceptionally soft textiles that enhance overall comfort. It can be effortlessly removed or replaced using the patented Click-In system.

Furthermore, the patented Adaptive Fit system adapts to individual head shapes, creating a personalised, secure fit. Adjusting the large diameter dial enables the ergonomic side wings to cradle the nape of the neck, while the self-adjusting hinge moves up and down to maintain a comfortable and secure position that moves with the wearer. The fire-resistant acrylic chinstrap offers five points of adjustment on the sides and rear.

Quantum is available in a closed-shell or Cabrio configuration, featuring 14 vents for improved airflow and wearer comfort. It includes anti-intrusion metal mesh vent covers to prevent debris from entering the ventilation channels. Quantum Cabrio also comes equipped with a sliding closure system.

Like all KASK helmets, Quantum incorporates several additional design elements that enhance the wearer’s experience. It includes integrated slots for easy attachment of KASK eye, face, hearing, and weather protection gear, as well as a front attachment point for advanced customisation and easy integration of accessories such as badge holders and headlamps.

The Quantum series complies with European standards for wildland firefighting helmets (EN 16471), technical rescue helmets (EN 16473), and Quantum Cabrio also meets radial impact protection standards covered by mountaineering helmets (EN 12492).

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