Imperial Kitchens uses Hikvision’s fire solutions

Imperial Kitchens

Due to the high combustibility of wood and the presence of dust, along with the existence of volatile organic compounds present in varnishing, painting, and lacquering operations, the kitchen manufacturer Imperial Kitchens faced a constantly high risk of fire.

To eliminate that risk, Imperial Kitchens installed Hikvision’s Thermal Bi-Spectrum HeatPro cameras, providing an early warning to help protect staff and increase facility safety.

1) To enhance fire and smoke detection

Imperial kitchens in Meadowbrook, Queensland, a reputable manufacturer specialising in design, manufacture, and installation of indoor and outdoor kitchens, vanities, and other joinery, operates in a challenging environment where the presence of wooden materials, sawdust, and varying airflow can pose serious obstacles to reliable smoke detection.

Aside from that, a recent update to the company’s insurance policy dictated that the fire and smoke detection system needed to be upgraded, should Imperial Kitchens wish to remain insured.

2) Early warning

Michael Cooper, the General Manager at Imperial Kitchens, decided that a smoke detection system alone was not sufficient for the challenges his factory was facing.

“Our factory, by its very nature, is a dusty environment, which could trigger false alarms and cause unnecessary panic and costs. There had to be a better way to improve the safety of our staff and facility, and it was also high time for us to consider a digital transformation of the business.”

Hikvision’s HeatPro Cameras
To address the challenges, Imperial Kitchens collaborated with Intechsys, a solution provider specialising in high-end automation and security, who conducted a thorough review of the facilities and reached the conclusion that Hikvision’s thermal cameras provided the best solution for Imperial Kitchens.

The thermal cameras not only keep the manufacturer’s staff and facilities safe with an early warning but also meet the requirements in the updated insurance policy.

Features of Bi-Spectrum HeatPro Cameras

Intechsys installed four Hikvision Bi-Spectrum HeatPro cameras (DS-2TD1217-2/P) for Imperial Kitchens, which were equipped with both optical and thermal sensing. The cameras were placed high up on the walls of the factory, limiting the dust exposure.

A 24/7 continuous recording option is available to keep the property safe. The Hikvision Thermal HeatPro Camera has a high sensitivity thermal module and features a reliable temperature-anomaly alarm, advanced fire detection algorithm, and high-quality optical module with 4 MP resolutions.

Alarm verification
During testing, Intechsys noted that a MAP gas torch triggered the thermal camera’s temperature-anomaly alarm instantly, which then set off an alarm via a high-level interface to the Hikvision NVR. This then passed both the alarm notification to the Hik-Connect app as well as to the monitoring center via the alarm system.

The servers in the control room decipher alarm signals, and the staff in the control room will be able to verify the alarm using actual camera footage, which is impossible to achieve with a fire detector system made of thermal detectors or smoke detectors. Then it is up to the staff to decide how to respond to the alarms – whether to send a patrol, call the police, or call for the fire brigade.


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