HAIX launch Fire Eagle at ESS

The boot of the latest generation

With over 60 years experience in the footwear industry, HAIX continues to set standards with their latest creation, the Fire Eagle – dubbed the boot of the latest generation.

The Fire Eagle boot has been developed for top rescuers as it withstands the most gruelling conditions. It is a sleek and sporty functional boot, lightweight and flexible and equipped with all relevant safety features. This boot has seen recognition worldwide, with the Bavarian fire service among the first to test the boot and be delighted with the product as it “felt like a comfortable sports shoe.”

The most distinguishing feature of this boot is the two- colour toe-cap featuring signal yellow contour ripples. The two-colour design continues along the sole and aims at just one thing- maximum safety for firefighters during rescue work. The anti-slip sole with lamella grip technology is also yellow, acting like a "light in the dark" when rescuers need to crawl one behind the other in the dark enter¬ing confined spaces. Ultimately this means they never lose track of their colleague in front of them.

The visual signal function of work clothing and footwear has become an important safety feature, and whilst many would assume it is simply a design element, it could make all the difference in a real emergency.

Andreas Himmelreich, a shoe developer at HAIX for the firefighter range explained what they wanted to create with the Fire Eagle product “We wanted the entire typical safety features one would expect in a HAIX boot combined with less weight, more flexibility, greater comfort and a more impressive product overall something we are delighted to have achieved.”

As a result of Andreas Himmelreich’s vision of combining flexibility, minimum weight and protection features, the sole, toe cap and all other features of the boot have been adapted accordingly. The sole is exceptionally durable featuring fins combined with special grip elements and anti slip properties on wet ground and ice, mainly due to the two-compartment profile design.
The slight inclines in the toe and the heel area ensure smooth rolling over, while the movement sections are individually padded. These features provide the excellent comfort that is typically associated with sports shoes. The Fire Eagle weighs less then 1000 grams, and is the little brother of the Fire Hero 2 product.

The Crosstech membrane technology from Gore® is breathable while keeping feet dry and protecting wearers against blood and other body fluids. As with other HAIX boots the toe cap is ultra light yet extremely strong, made from a composite material.

Thanks to the optimised two-zone lacing system, it takes less than ten seconds to put on and lace up the boot, perfect for the emergency situation firefighters will be in when they have to wear the boot. For the design of the new lightweight Fire Eagle, it is clear to see that HAIX technicians have once more applied their unrivalled expertise in footwear safety acquired over many years.

For more information please visit http://www.haix.co.uk/

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