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Perimeter Solutions’ SOLBERG® 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF is the First Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate on DoD Qualified Products List 

For more than 50 years, aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) was the only type of firefighting foam concentrate that could be used for aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) by airport authorities required to use MIL-SPEC qualified products. That changed in September 2023, when Perimeter Solutions’ SOLBERG® 3% MIL-SPEC Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam (SFFF) became the first fluorine-free foam concentrate added to the Department of Defense Qualified Products List (QPL). With this new solution added to the QPL, airports were allowed to transition from AFFF to a fluorine-free option.  

The U.S. wanted to move toward a more sustainable firefighting foam technology, and in 2020 Congress set a requirement that the Secretary of the Navy must publish a new specification by January 2023 to initiate the replacement of AFFF with fluorine-free firefighting foam. That new specification is MIL-PRF-32725 (I1), Fire Extinguishing Agent, Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) Liquid Concentrate, for Land-Based, Fresh Water Applications.1 

Completing a total of nine different fire tests using both ethanol free gasoline and Jet A fuel, this product is extensively tested. In addition to those fire tests, there are more than 20 different physical/chemical properties that are analyzed before and after aging to ensure the product is stable over time. The product is also tested for compatibility with Dry Chemical and for environmental impact, including acute aquatic toxicity as well as biological and chemical oxygen demand. 

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) developed this new specification, and before any fluorine-free foams could be used in the field, manufacturers had to apply to NAVSEA to have their product added to the QPL. SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF, specifically designed for fast knockdown and extinguishment of gasoline and Jet A fuel spill fires identified in MIL-PRF-32725 (I1), became the first to qualify. A combination of proprietary hydrocarbon surfactants and additives, it delivers excellent fire knockdown, foaming, vapor sealing, and stability. SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF contains no siloxanes or intentionally added per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and is compatible with multiple equipment systems. This advanced foam solution also: 

  • Exceeds expansion ratio and burn back requirements 
  • Exceeds 25% drain-time performance 
  • Is internally tested to meet MIL-PRF-32725 (I1) in salt water 
  • Is biodegradable & non-persistent 

SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF is also GreenScreen Certified®. Firefighting foams that are GreenScreen certified are confirmed to be fluorine-free with no intentionally added per- or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). 

While some foam manufacturers have decided not to participate in the new MIL-SPEC qualification program, Perimeter Solutions remains committed to serving the market with high-quality fluorine-free foam solutions. Since introducing SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF, the company has actively worked with airports, helping them to transition away from AFFF to fluorine-free technology for crash rescue operations. 

Organizations ready to make the transition to fluorine-free foam, can contact Perimeter Solutions at info@perimeter-solutions.com. More information on SOLBERG 3% MIL-SPEC SFFF is available at https://www.perimeter-solutions.com/en/. 

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