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27-28 October 2010, Manchester Central 1 – Stand B20

27-28 October 2010, Manchester Central 1 – Stand B20


Featuring the latest in CCTV flame detectors, the Draeger display will be focussing on fixed gas detection systems and the use of infra-red (IR) sensor technology to reduce maintenance and calibration intervals. Visitors to the stand will also be able to find out more about Draeger’s solution to fire and gas detection integration. Using leading edge technology products that meet ATEX and other legislative requirements, Draeger’s high end systems fully integrate with existing plant and are designed to meet physical constraints as well as the operating budget.


Flame Detection

Representing a significant development in flame detector technology, the Draeger Flame 5000 is certified as SIL 2 capable and is suitable for use as part of a functional safety system. Reliable and rugged in design, this colour imaging based CCTV flame detector is also explosion-proof. Designed as a stand-alone system and housed within a single unit, it combines colour imaging with digital signal processing and software algorithms to process live video images and interpret the characteristics of a flame.


Unlike traditional radiation, or combined radiation and CCTV flame detectors, the state-of-the-art Flame 5000 uses the camera to detect the flame and, as a result, eliminates false alarms. Also offering improved detection capabilities, it can be used to provide live video images, or can be fully integrated with a control system or fire panel to provide fault and fire signalling using normal 0-20mA or relay outputs. As well as the surveillance benefits, this obviously removes the need to despatch operators to investigate alarms, and reduces the risk of injury whilst improving incident response time to around 4 seconds.


Simple to install with a stainless steel mounting bracket that can be rotated to ensure optimum positioning, the Draeger Flame 5000 can detect fires of 0.1m2 or more, at 44m within a 90° horizontal field of view. An advanced optical verification facility automatically checks the window for contamination and ensures that this field of view is not compromised by obstructions placed immediately in front of the detector.


Infra-Red Gas Detection Technology

Immune to poisons such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S), IR technology is both robust and stable. The increased accuracy of IR is also able to reduce maintenance and calibration intervals. Now, instead of the need for six-monthly or, in many cases, the more frequent calibration intervals required by catalytic devices, IR systems can extend calibration intervals to one year. With an overall sensor life expectancy of more than 15 years, IR technology can also dramatically reduce lifetime ownership costs.


Upgrading to IR technology has never been easier, or more cost effective, than with the explosion-proof DraegerSensor IR. Designed to detect flammable gases and vapours, the ATEX approved DraegerSensor IR has been specifically developed to allow existing pellistors or catalytic bead sensors to be replaced easily, without creating technical problems. Even in the harshest of conditions, these new poison Immune, fail-safe sensors are simple to install, simply unscrew the traditional pellistor and screw in the innovative DraegerSensor IR. The inclusion of a Wheatstone Bridge, which is able to duplicate a standard pellistor output, also means that existing cables and control devices, from the majority of manufacturers, can still be used.


Point detectors such as the Draeger PIR 3000 can be installed in critical locations that are prone to possible leakage such as flanges, pumps and compressors throughout the plant. They can also be positioned along the external boundaries. Ensuring reliable detection of hydrocarbons as well as combustible and organic flammable gases and vapours, this smart, explosion proof transmitter offers an excellent price-performance ratio, is immune to poison and provides failsafe operation in potentially explosive environments. With a long expected lifetime of over 15 years it also offers reduced maintenance costs.


The use of open path IR technology, where a multiple beam of infra red is transmitted over a distance of up to 200m to a separate receiver, can have significant advantages. Where large areas need to be covered in perimeter monitoring, for instance, it can significantly reduce cabling costs. Designed to provide failsafe detection of a wide range of hydrocarbons, the Draeger Polytron Pulsar Open Path IR Gas Detector carries a SIL 2 rating and is able to detect hydrocarbon leaks within a line of sight of up to 200m. Explosion proof and ideal for the detection of the alkane series, from methane to hexane, as well as propylene, methanol, ethanol and ethylene, it is also easy to use and can be commissioned by just one person.


Fire and Gas Integration

High end integrated systems, such as those designed and installed by Draeger throughout industry as well as offshore, are designed and installed by experienced, knowledgeable engineers as part of a complete bespoke solution. Years of experience in both fire and gas detection means that Draeger understands the everyday problems as well as the complex issues surrounding system integration. Knowledge of how the ATEX directive impacts upon gas detection is coupled with an understanding of both the hardware and the exacting demands of the application. In addition, decades of working with other suppliers brings a unique awareness of third party equipment.


Draeger Fire and Gas Detection Systems offer products, services and system solutions for all encompassing toxic, flammable and oxygen detection, flame detection and design, build, commission and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems for protection of personnel and assets.


Further information is available from Marion Mackenzie, Draeger UK Limited, Ullswater Close, Blyth Riverside Business Park, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 4RG. Tel: 01670 561413. Fax: 01670 544475.

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