Cygnus introduces the SmartNet-100


The Cygnus SmartNet-100 system is designed for small to medium-sized projects and can support up to 100 devices connected to a single control panel.

Drawing from their previous SmartNet-Pro system, the SmartNet-100 fills the requirement for setups with fewer devices. The system differs from the SmartNet-Pro in its capacity to handle up to 100 devices linked to a single panel.

According to Austen Wells, Sales Manager at Cygnus, “Small to medium-sized projects often cannot afford the downtime, the disruption, or the expense of fitting a wired fire detection and alarm system. SmartNet-100 provides a fast and cost-effective solution.”

The system aims to detect threats such as smoke or fire while trying to reduce false alarms. It doesn’t require wired components like boosters or translators, which can potentially streamline the installation process.

The network uses battery-powered radio devices connected through a self-healing mesh network, based on the Cygnus protocol. The system functions across 10 frequency channels ranging from 865-868 MHz. The control panel is powered by the mains.

The SmartNet-100 system is intended to reduce the need for extensive cabling, which might save on engineering time and project expenses.

The product range includes Radio Bases with optional Sounders, Visual Indicator Detectors, and various detector heads.

The SmartNet-100 has the ‘Made in Britain’ label and complies with EN 54 and BS 5839 standards.

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