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Ziamatic Corp explores the dangers of using firefighting equipment and examines how the innovation from ZICO has led to safe and efficient use 

There was a time when SCBA was stored in cases. An apparatus would arrive on scene, the crew would disembark, and this case would be pulled from a compartment somewhere. Until ZICO developed a spring clip bracket that would mount the pack to a wall, and eventually, inside a seat for fast, simple, and comfortable donning. Ladders and portable tanks once required a lot of climbing, struggling, and straining to access, until ZICO developed lowering devices for each, to the relief of backs and knees everywhere.  

For over 50 years Ziamatic Corp has developed products for first responders and with every new design, the company strives to meet the ever-evolving demands of the fire service with fresh forward thinking and cutting edge development. As an industry leader, ZICO works diligently to stay at the forefront of firefighting technology, with exciting new engineering designed to make tasks faster, safer, and easier than ever before. New products are put through rigorous and extensive in-house and third-party testing to confirm they exceed the highest standards of safety and durability. And older products are continually upgraded and improved upon as opportunities arise and standards change. 

“The goal has always been to get first responders home in the same condition they left,” said Keith Creely, Ziamatic Vice President. “We design and test many of our products to withstand a collision of course, but we look at the little injuries too. Repetitive strains from lifting can lead to hernias and slipped discs. Exposure to toxic particulates can lead to an increased risk of cancer. The dangers are not always instant, or even visible, and they often build slowly over time. We aim to identify and minimize those dangers if not remove them entirely.” 

To this end, the company has recently introduced two new solutions aimed at reducing firefighter exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens without having to sacrifice their speed, comfort, and efficiency on the fire scene.  

“Now more than ever, departments want to reduce their exposure to these dangerous materials,” said Creely. “But they have found that moving SCBA from the seats to the side compartments often meant trading away operational speed and personal comfort in the process. With our two new brackets firefighters are no longer forced to choose. They can protect themselves and still do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Everybody wins.” 

The QUIC-SWING Flip-Down 180°, Model QS-FD-180, stores SCBA away from the door to minimize snags, then slides out and flips end over end for easy access.  

“With the Flip-Down 180°, the SCBA faces the rear of the compartment.” said Creely, “So all your straps, all your hoses are stored tucked away from the compartment doors, the roll-up doors, and you reduce the risk of pinching or damaging the equipment.” 

The QUIC-SLIDE Swing-Down, Model QSSD, allows donning from two different heights, providing more comfort and flexibility for personnel of varying body types. 

“The Swing-Down is different in that you can access your SCBA from two different heights,” said Creely. “You can release the lever and bring the SCBA down to a lower level, or if you’re a taller firefighter, you can just slide out and don the SCBA as is. You don’t have to deploy the swing. It gives a department that bit of added flexibility.” 

In addition to SCBA storage solutions, ZICO continues to develop new and improved options for tool mounting.  


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