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Ziamatic Sure-Grip

Ziamatic Corp presents how the Sure-Grip product line is an effective tool and equipment mounting solution for fire services around the world 

Ziamatic Corp. offers the newest and strongest features in tool and equipment retention. After extensive market research, the Sure-Grip product line was designed around the concerns and desires of Ziamatic’s customers for a quicker, tighter, stronger mounting option. The feedback received by Ziamatic was directed towards its current bracket options and the competition’s as well. Using its customers suggestions, Ziamatic developed what is thought to be the most efficient, cost effective, user friendly, equipment mounting product line available. Ziamatic encourages everyone to see firsthand how efficient these mounting brackets are and why everyone is talking about them. 

Every Sure-Grip model utilises a vinyl strap to retain tools and equipment. Vinyl was the chosen material because it was found that it does not stretch or break like other mounting options available.  Each strap is professionally sewn with specific threading and a style of stitching to meet the manufacturing quality typically seen with Ziamatic products. The width and length of the straps were chosen specifically for the grip range of each designed bracket and for its intended use. Ziamatic went one step further and completed hundreds of hours of accelerated weather testing on the strap and brackets. Ziamatic then pull tested them to assure the quality of retention still remained, and it did.  

Ziamatic’s model SG-VM-1 uses a 1.5-inch-wide strap, while models SG-VM-XL and SG-VM-XLS use a 2-inch-wide strap, which is over four times the width of other similar options. Ziamatic’s team found this to be a key design feature intended to limit or eliminate twist and strap movement when retaining equipment. By covering more surface area, Ziamatic created a more secure and confident retention, especially when retaining heavier, bulkier equipment.  The straps for these three models have a rubber pad sewn onto the underside of the strap that engages with the equipment and limits movement and vibration.  Ziamatic’s highly visible pull tab was incorporated for an easy release, even when using a gloved hand. Finally, a hook and loop are used on Ziamatic’s straps for easy engagement. This allowed for effective engagement and disengagement, while still retaining equipment.  {content_short_100}…

“It is the infinite grip range on the tighter, stronger, non-stretching, strap that sets us apart from all other competition,” said Keith Creely, VP of Ziamatic Corp. Pulling away from the mounting surface after wrapping around the load retention post allows for the strap to squeeze the product into a secure position. Creely continued, “Zico went one step further in proving our Sure-Grip brackets are superior by completing accelerated weather testing on the straps and brackets.  After these tests were performed, we did a static load pull test. The brackets retained with every bit of strength seen prior to the UV testing. Testing proved these straps would hold tight even when seeing loads surpassing two hundred pounds. For these reasons we feel our straps are superior to other options available.” 

“The Sure-Grip body, made of super tough nylon, flexes but does not break and does not permanently deflect. The nylon is gentle on equipment and virtually eliminates possible corrosion issues found with dissimilar metals,” said Creely. “We incorporated slotted mounting holes that are on centre for easy mounting on popular peg boards or for easy hole placement layouts. This was to address installers’ concerns with odd mounting hole placements seen with other mounting options. Ziamatic focuses on making installation as easy as possible.  Equipment mounting installers can have a big influence on what is used and what will not be used. This is true in fire departments, distributor installation centres, and at the truck building levels.” 

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