PELI agrees a big donation

PELI agrees a big donation to several fire, police and humanitarian entities, among them, Red Cross. A large number of PELI Torches and Lighting systems have been donated for several uses PELI Products, being the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases and advanced lighting systems, is uniquely positioned to provide support to those most in need. After its large donation of PELI 9600 Lighting systems

Heavy rescue instructor training

Heavy rescue instructor training: Instructor is Jimmy Säfström from HRS who created Heavy Rescue in Sweden in 2003. Jimmy is one of the most meritorious and most sought trainers and instructors in Heavy Rescue / extrication. Instructors are John Curley from HRS: John has been an operational firefighter for the last 18 years; most of that time has been spent specializing in vehicle crash rescue, working with many extrication experts

Using robots for firefighting

The Robot-TINO was specifically designed for fighting fires in industrial process areas, tunnels and storage terminals, but it can also be used for terrorist incidents, urban areas, and whenever firefighters need to deal with hazardous substances or extreme temperatures. The unit is protected against heat radiation with a cooling system which allows the Robot-TINO to get closer to the fire origin to suppress it with higher probability of success. In


Ziamatic Corp offer a new and safer method of extinguisher storage

Ziamatic Corp. is proud to introduce the new QUIC-RELEASE Fire Extinguisher Holder, Model QR-FEH-1, a safer, more dependable way to store 5 lb. fire extinguishers in the crew area of an ambulance or fire apparatus. While the majority of fire extinguisher mounts are designed for the walls of buildings, the Fire Extinguisher Holder was designed specifically for use in moving vehicles, specially-engineered to protect personnel in the event of a

London Fire Brigade

Watson joins London Fire Brigade fire dog detectives Sherlock and Simba

A new four-legged trainee has joined the ranks of the London Fire Brigade dog detectives. Watson the English springer spaniel is going through an intensive training programme with the hope he will be put to work alongside his canine colleagues Sherlock and Simba early next year. In a first for the Brigade, Watson has come from a litter bred by the Metropolitan Police Service and has been gifted as part of


FIERO celebrates strong station design symposium

It was a record year for the Fire Industry Education and Resource Organization (FIERO). In September, FIERO recently completed their 19th annual Station Design Symposium (SDS) held in Raleigh, NC. The conference was full of attendees that had traveled from across the country and the globe, including from over 35 states, Canada, the UK, and Saudi Arabia. For the first time, FIERO offered a pre-conference seminar on Training Facility Design


Zebra Technologies delivers FirstNet ready mobile computers for public safety

Zebra Technologies Corporation have recently announced that the Android-based TC57 and TC77 enterprise-class mobile computers, L10 and eight-inch ET56 tablets and Windows-based L10 and XSLATE R12 tablets are now certified and approved for use on the FirstNet communications platform. FirstNet is built with AT&T in a public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) – an independent authority within the federal government. It’s designed for first responders and those