Who’s Who Hytrans

With 33 years’ experience in mobile water transport, Hytrans describes how their latest innovative systems are every fire and rescue service’s must have  Hytrans develops, manufactures and supplies mobile water transport units with hydraulically driven submersible pumps since 1988. During these 33 years Hytrans  has supplied over 1200 HydroSub units worldwide. Quality, proven performance and innovation are the keywords that contributed to the success of the mobile water transport equipment of Hytrans.  Hytrans has complete mobile water transport solutions for municipal Fire and Rescue …

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HD Fire

Who’s Who HD Fire Protect

Manufacturer of world-class water, foam and has based firefighting equipment and systems, HD Fire Protect describes and why they are a trusted specialist  HD Fire Protect Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of world-class water, foam and gas-based fire-fighting equipment & systems. HD products carry international product approvals such as UL, FM, CE, VdS and LR.  Our products are widely used in many specialised fire-fighting applications. We …

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Who’s Who Fireco

Fireco manufactures wireless fire door closers and retains as well as other accessibility solutions to allow companies to maintain fire safety compliance   Fireco has been making compliance easy for 25 years. Fireco manufactures wireless fire door closers and retainers, notification systems, disability aids and hygiene equipment, all designed to provide simple solutions to a range of …

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Who’s Who Bioex

BIOEX’s range of firefighting foams are used by fire safety professionals worldwide. A pioneer in fluorine-free foams, BIOEX remains top of the market for innovation  Since 1998, BIOEX formulates and manufactures firefighting foams for fire brigades/departments, airports, oil & gas plants, chemical industries, power plants, marine and waste treatment plants.  BIOEX offers a wide range of high performance FFF, AFFF and AR-AFFF foams that are efficient against class A solids fires and class …

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Who’s Who 3FFF Limited

3FFF Limited, a subsidiary of 3F Group, are the market leading innovators for fluorine free foams in the firefighting and suppression industry  The company, headed by Managing Director Gary McDowall, was established in Corby, Northants in May 2007 and has since grown to be the UK’s largest manufacturer of synthetic Fluro Free and Solvent Free foams. Placed in the central region …

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Product Spotlight: Trident

Foam pumps, balanced pressure and ATP foam systems  Around-the world Trident Emergency Products specialises and supplies our GP-Series high quality foam pumps and foam system components  We have the ideal combination of industrial firefighting applications for both mobile fire apparatus and fixed installations. Trident offers delivery on foam pumps in less than seven (7) days from our in-stock inventory for both new installations and “emergency” foam pump replacements.  Our GP-Series Foam Pumps are of all bronze and stainless-steel construction, include a run-dry feature …

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Realistic firefighter training

The future of realistic firefighter training allows aspiring firefighters to balance safety as well as protecting the environment with real life experiences  Firefighting training varies from country to country, especially due to climate and geographical terrain differences and common types of fires. For example, a UK based firefighter would not typically train repeatedly on how …

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PPE: Is it important?

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as a first responder to a fire is imperative for the safety of the firefighter, however what side effects are there?  Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential, especially for those jobs that deal with emergency situations like fire. And while safety is the main reason why proper PPE should …

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Big Interview: Shaping the industry for tomorrow

International Fire Buyer talks exclusively to Steve Hamm, CEO of the Institution of Fire Engineers to discover how accreditation and knowledge can help the industry of tomorrow  With over 100 years’ experience, how is the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) helping shape the industry and extend knowledge?  The reality is the fire safety landscape in which …

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