Unity Theatre Installs Advanced Fire Protection with Hochiki

Fire Buyer International is proud to feature a recent successful fire safety installation at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. The Unity Theatre, a renowned performance venue, was facing challenges with its aging emergency lighting system. The old system was not only inefficient but also lacked the modern features needed for a safe and adaptable performance space.

Hochiki’s FIREscape Nepto delivers intelligent fire safety

To address these concerns, the Unity Theatre partnered with Hochiki Europe, a leading fire safety solutions provider, to install the innovative FIREscape Nepto system. FIREscape Nepto is an intelligent, self-contained emergency lighting system that offers a range of benefits over traditional systems.

Enhanced Intelligence: FIREscape Nepto utilises advanced technology to provide a more comprehensive fire safety solution, initiating emergency lighting procedures, ensuring a swift response in the event of an emergency.

Self-Sufficiency: Unlike conventional systems that rely on external power sources, FIREscape Nepto is self-contained. This eliminates the risk of emergency lighting failure due to a power outage in the main building electrical supply.

Energy Efficiency: FIREscape Nepto is designed with energy efficiency in mind. The system consumes less power than traditional emergency lighting systems, resulting in lower operating costs for the Unity Theatre.

Adjustable Light Levels: FIREscape Nepto offers adjustable light level settings, a crucial feature for a performance space. This allows the theatre to maintain appropriate lighting conditions for both performances and emergency situations.

Collaborative effort ensures successful installation

The successful installation of FIREscape Nepto at the Unity Theatre was a collaborative effort between Hochiki Europe, Grainger Fire and Security, and the Unity Theatre team. This collaboration ensured that the system was installed seamlessly and met the specific needs of the theatre.

Looking ahead: Improved safety and reduced costs

With the installation of FIREscape Nepto, the Unity Theatre has significantly enhanced its fire safety measures. The new system provides a reliable, intelligent, and energy-efficient solution that will protect patrons and staff in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the adjustable light levels ensure a safe and adaptable environment for performances.

By choosing Hochiki’s FIREscape Nepto, the Unity Theatre has made a wise investment in its future. The new system will not only provide superior fire protection but also contribute to lower operating costs, making it a win-win for the theatre.

To learn more or watch the full case study video head to the Hochiki Website.

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