Ziamatic introduces latest tool and equipment mounting solutions


Ziamatic has unveiled a fresh addition to its SURE-GRIP lineup, enhancing the ease and effectiveness of mounting various tools and equipment, including thTagsose with irregular shapes.
The newly launched SURE-GRIP Tool and Equipment Mounts (available in model SG-VM-275 and model SG-VM-275-Y featuring a yellow strap) are engineered with a 2.75″ stand-off from the mounting surface and offer a grip range of .75” to 2”.
Keith Creely, VP of Ziamatic Corp, highlighted the distinguishing feature of the new SURE-GRIP, stating, “What sets apart our new SURE-GRIP is its stand-off from the mounting surface. This design innovation accommodates items ranging from .75 inches to 2 inches in diameter, providing efficiency in suspending tools and equipment away from the mounting surface.”
For more information on the new SURE-GRIP, visit here.
Key features of the new SURE-GRIP Tool and Equipment Mounts include:

  • A 2 3/4″ stand-off from the mounting surface to the bottom of the tool cradle
  • A grip range of 3/4″ to 2″
  • Incorporation of a molded-in support arm ensuring stability during tool or equipment mounting
  • Constructed with a high-tensile strength plastic base
  • Heavy-duty, all-weather hook & loop straps, 1″ wide, which have securely fastened tools and equipment for over two decades. These straps conform to the handle, irrespective of shape, delivering a tighter and more secure grip.
  • Dual rubber pads for enhanced grip performance.

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