XPander range gets new loop interface and survey kit

The upgraded kit is more user friendly

Apollo Fire Detectors, the world-leading independent fire detection manufacturer, has launched a Diversity Loop Interface Unit and Survey Kit especially for the XPander range.
Connecting up to 31 XPander devices to an Apollo addressable loop, and reporting the status of each device to a control panel, the upgraded Diversity Loop Interface Unit provides increased signal integrity.
Signals to and from the device are transmitted through the internal orthogonal bi-directional aerials, which require no adjustment or maintenance, allowing for easier set-up and no on-going costs.
The device is backwards compatible with previous versions of the device, allowing for continuity of support at existing sites using the XPander range.
The Diversity Loop Interface Unit is approved to EN54: 17, EN54:18 and EN54:25.
The XPander Diversity Survey kit allows a more detailed site survey to be undertaken to determine the suitability for an XPander installation and its integrity once installed. Providing details such as dB and background noise levels, the upgraded kit is more user friendly, allowing for quicker and easier use. The new Survey kit meets the requirements for BS5839 Part 1 for conducting a site survey.
Charles Smith, Head of Product Management at Apollo Fire Detectors, said: “We are delighted to release the upgraded Diversity Loop Interface Unit and Survey kit for our XPander range. The devices will continue confidence in our detection equipment, from the initial site survey to the connection of XPander devices to the Apollo loop.”
For more details on XPander Diversity please visit www.apollo-fire.co.uk/xpander.

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