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Firemiks has been dedicated to deliver optimal dosing solutions for the end user for almost 40 years 

Originally founded in 1979 as a Swedish family-based business – Firemiks AB is operated by the third generation together with strong industrial partners. Since 2010 we have been branding our proportioners FIREMIKS®. 

Throughout the years, the focus has been to develop, manufacture and distribute our product line of water driven volumetric pump proportioner systems, now supplied to more than 50 countries worldwide. The main goal for our company is to deliver optimal dosing solutions for the end-user. Our work method with modular system and machined parts (instead of casted) allows for tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer dosing challenges. 

The heart of the product, the unique in-house designed volumetric multi-vane motor is produced in many sizes. Multiple overlapping vanes results in spreading of loads and a wide volumetric function, without using moving elastomer sealings.  

This robust motor gives low noise, smooth start and rotation, and we combine it with industry leading piston- or gear pumps depending on three main factors; 1) viscosity of concentrate, 2) flow range and 3) working pressure.  

By being able to offer two types of pumps this gives FIREMIKS® a unique position: Piston pump models for viscosities from 1 cP (including wetting agents) up to around 4.000-4.500 cP, covering most of the new SFFF concentrates and Gear pump models when viscosities are even higher, up to around 8000 cP. (Brookfield viscometer spindle 4# at 30 rpm). 

For us, quality means that we deliver services and products that meet our customers’ high expectations for performance, reliability, delivery, service and overall costs. To achieve this, we work through a close dialogue with our distributors, colleagues on the market, end customers and industry organisations, who need high-quality proportioning equipment for firefighting. Furthermore, we constantly improve and develop our products, processes and our quality management system.  

We are ISO-9001:2015 certified by BUREAU VERITAS “Development, production and sales of water motor driven dosing systems for firefighting”. FIREMIKS® is CE-marked, all our FIREMIKS® units conforms with European Directive 2006/42/EC. 

When the grandfather of the current management in the early 1980 introduced the volumetric water driven foam pump system it was mainly to the fire brigade market in Sweden and the Nordic countries. In 2010, when we started to brand our product FIREMIKS our main customer was in the international oil and gas market. 

During the 14 years with FIREMIKS brand we have since then entered many different markets around the globe, including Offshore/Marin (DNV-certified) and re-entered into the fire brigade market. Our FIREMIKS is well-suited in all installations where one needs a reliable proportioning solution without the need of additional power as electricity, petrol, etc. Examples of fixed applications are; tank farms, petrochemical industry, harbor jetties, pump rooms, warehouses, waste incineration, tunnel protection, etc. I.e., anywhere where there is a requirement for proportioning system to protect highly flammable material with Class B foam or other fire-fighting additives. Furthermore, FIREMIKS is suitable for dosing Class A foam for example 0,3-0,6-1% to fight bush and forest fires. Solution flow capacities from our smallest 180 lpm unit 1 up to 20.000 lpm with 2 x 10.000-lpm unit is parallel installation. 

Firemiks AB is here to stay in the long run, we will continue our focus on constant further improvement our offer based on markets requirements, now with added focus to be the go-to supplier of proportioning systems meeting the challenges in the current important transition from AFFF to fluorine-free concentrates.  

For more information contact per.aredal@firemiks.com, visit www.firemiks.com 

or follow us on Firemiks AB: Overview | LinkedIn 

+46-8-551 196 10 

Mätarvägen 9A, SE-196 37 KUNGSÄNGEN, Sweden

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