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No fire without sufficient oxygen concentration: this is a brief summary of how WAGNER’s active fire prevention works. “Just a slight change in the air composition in the room can be the decisive factor for holistic fire protection. Particularly in automated warehouses or archives, high or irretrievable values can be protected preventively in this way. But systems for fighting fires also often work with oxygen extraction,” explains Dirk Band, Head of Sales at WAGNER Group GmbH. The company will be presenting its fire protection solutions at the FeuerTrutz trade fair on June 26 and 27, 2024 in Nuremberg in Hall 4a, Stand 315.

WAGNER will show its fire protection systems from a single source. “Preventing fires is of course the best way to avoid endangering people and protect processes and the environment. But even where the use of our active fire prevention is not an option, thanks to our holistic approach we always find the better fire protection solution – for every application,” says Dirk Band. “If necessary, we also carry out fire tests for this purpose.”

Visitors to the company’s booth will be able to see what fire protection solutions can look like. The basis is always the earliest possible fire detection. For this purpose, WAGNER offers the highly sensitive aspirating smoke detectors of the TITANUS® family. They detect fires in the early stages. This earliest possible fire detection enables effective countermeasures to be taken as quickly as possible to protect people and property.

In protection areas where people are not constantly present, such as automated storage applications like high-bay or freezer warehouses, active fire prevention with OxyReduct® prevents the development and spread of flames. This technology is certified, proven, and satisfies insurance companies. Short-term work in protected areas is permitted even under strict national regulations. For the human body, being in this protective atmosphere is comparable to being in the mountains. Therefore, it is possible for healthy people to occasionally perform necessary activities in the protected area without any concerns.

If the use of OxyReduct® for active fire prevention is not possible, WAGNER supplements fire detection with the FirExting® fire extinguishing system. In the event of an alarm from a TITANUS® aspirating smoke detector, the inert gas extinguishing system can be activated directly. With this system, WAGNER offers an efficient solution for residue-free and non-destructive fire extinguishing. It fights fires effectively and at the same time offers optimum protection for property, inventory and the environment. Extinguishing damage, such as that caused by water, spray mist, foam or compounds with the burning material, is eliminated. This is because gas extinguishing removes the basis of a fire: extinguishing gases either suffocate the source of the fire by displacing the oxygen from its surroundings, or they extract the necessary heat energy from the fire. On-site operations can be resumed quickly after the fire has been extinguished.

In hazardous situations, such as a fire, it is critical to maintain an overview. Only then can those involved react quickly and appropriately. Buildings and facilities benefit from integrated safety concepts that ensure maximum transparency and safety through the interaction of different systems and standardized operation. Hazard management systems such as VisuLAN® and WinGuard integrate and control security-relevant systems centrally via a comprehensive user interface. They enable a fast and coordinated response to events.

At FeuerTrutz, visitors will be able to experience fire protection at first hand, with a live demonstration of the hazard management system. On the other hand, exhibits from the TITANUS® family and a FirExting® fire extinguishing system can be discovered on site. This will show how holistic fire protection works in practice and how it helps to increase safety even in critical situations.

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