Vetter safety cushions SP 16 / SP 25

Specification Attachment:

Safety Cushion_EN.pdf


Fast rescue from heights up to 25 metres (80 ft.)

 Vetter safety cushions provide fast help when space is restricted at the rescue site or when facades are inaccessible to aerial ladder trucks. That way, you are ideally equipped even for difficult operational situations. Quickly set up and easily transported, the Vetter SP 16 and SP 25 safety cushions make it easier to gain access to the rear sides or courtyards of buildings. Our safety cushions also offer a safe solution for the rescue of trapped rescue personnel. Since 2014 the SP 16 is the only standardized safety cushion in germany. So protect yourselves and all affected people in case of rescue from
extremely heights and trust our jump cushions.
Neon-yellow side walls improve the visibility of our safety cushions at night or in bad weather. The landing areas are psychologically optimised: the blue circle − developed with experienced psychologist Prof. Horst Schuh − has been shown to reduce the crippling fear experienced by the jumper. Our safety cushions have been tested by an independent institution in accordance with or based on the DIN 14151 T 1 and T 3. This standard requires elaborate testing including many drop tests with different falling weights and drop positions. To measure impact deceleration, a kind of crash test with dummies is especially important. After all, it is most essential to prevent jumping persons from hitting too hard, breaking through to the ground, or even bouncing back from out of the cushion.
In short: Only with a certified safety cushion, you protect a jumping person and your rescue team optimally from avoidable injuries.

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