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Two new innovations from Interschutz

 Vetter, the leading manufacturer of emergency pneumatics presented two trade fair innovations during Interschutz 2015: With the S.Tec 12 Lifting Bags the company is putting a lifting bag on the market with 12-bar technology as the very first pneumatic rescue technology supplier. The Connectable Bags C.Tec with 10 bar operating pressure were also presented. Combining three bags can create lifting heights of up to 2.10 metres (82 inches).

First lifting bag with 12-bar technology
"With our new S.Tec 12 Lifting Bags we are able to boost the lifting force of our tried and tested 8-bar bags by an additional 50 percent on the identical area of one square metre", according to Karina Geuenich, Product Manager at Vetter. That means for the first time, loads of up to 102 tons can be safely lifted. The low insertion height of merely 25 millimetres (0.98 inches) make them especially flat, letting them fit into even the most narrow gaps and openings. On top of that, the limited space is better utilised in the rescue vehicle. „To make it even easier for the rescue services to identify the lifting bags in the vehicle, the new S.Tec 12 Lifting Bags are marked on both sides next to the connection valve with the main technical data“, explains Ms. Geuenich. All the bags in this series are compatible with the Vetter 8 and 10 bar filling accessories. And there’s another strong argument in favour of the S.Tec 12 Lifting Bags: According to Vetter, the three specially developed sizes make it the only supplier on the market at this time that lets fire brigades exactly meet the DIN 14530 and 14555 equipment standards. The standards specify the minimum requirements for lifting bags with 100 kN, 200 kN and 500 kN. Vetter completely covers these with its sizes V 10, V 20 and V 50.

Versatile combination of lifting bags without tools
Three different sizes, 560 mm to nearly 1,350 mm diameter, 16 possible combinations – The figures reveal what is important to Vetter in its new Connectable Bags C.Tec: Versatility. Every required lift height during deployment in natural catastrophes or collapsed buildings can be achieved with flexibility. That makes up to 2.1 metres (82 inches) feasible when combining the three largest Connectable Bags. According to Vetter, it has reached the highest lifting heights in the connectable lifting bag segment. The lifting bags can also be used individually, of course. And the rescue services onsite will appreciate something else too: „Our new lifting bags can be combined with a connection plate tool-free. That saves valuable time at the operation site, space in the vehicles and minimises the training expenditure“, says Ms. Geuenich. Based on the intelligent connection plate technology, after combining the connections they all automatically face the same direction. The process was tested and certified by an independent testing institute. Result: It is the safest connection technique on the market.
The Connectable Bags C.Tec from Vetter are compatible with the company’s 10-bar system, which simplifies investment planning. That facilitates continued use of previously acquired systems.

Just as with all lifting bags from Vetter, the newly presented products are exclusively „Made in Germany“. Before delivery, they are put through individual tests with dated test seals and have a safety factor of at least 4:1. Vetter consequently continues its reliable and tested safety concept along with its high quality standard. Both products were tested by an independent testing institute in accordance with DIN 13731:2008 and have been certified as lifting bag systems for fire brigades and rescue services compliant with the safety and performance requirements. The S.Tec 12 Lifting Bags and the Connectable Bags C.Tec are immediately available individually and in sets through trade partners.

Vetter GmbH, Blatzheimer Straße 10-12, 53909 Zülpich, Germany

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