Ventura County CA orders ten Beam Global EV ARC Off-Grid EV charging systems

Beam Global,  provider of innovative sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media and energy security, announced that the County of Ventura in California has ordered ten EV ARC solar-powered EV charging systems for fleet and public use.

Ventura’s EV ARC units are equipped with ChargePoint Dual Port and Enel X JuiceBox chargers. Fleet units are expected to deploy at the County of Ventura Remote Motor Pool locations. Public charging is expected to deploy in Oxnard at one of MICOP’s (Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project) offices that serves local disadvantaged communities. Each EV ARC generates and stores its own clean electricity and delivers that electricity to power EVs, day or night, and during inclement weather and power outages.

“The County of Ventura’s Climate Action Plan strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 41% below 2015 levels. Electrification of County fleet vehicles is an important part of this plan,” said Chair of the Board of Supervisors for the County of Ventura, Linda Parks. “Funded in part by the California Energy Commission, the new Beam EV ARC charging stations are a model in clean energy because they are powered by solar energy and we are doubly fortunate to be able to install them without additional costs.”

The competitive grant funding was awarded to Ventura County from the California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Clean Transportation Program, Electric Vehicle Ready Communities Phase II- Blueprint Implementation Grant. Requiring no connection to the utility grid, Beam Global products eliminate disruptive construction projects, costly grid upgrades and utility charges to deliver significant long-term savings to city budgets.

“Beam continues to see growing momentum in multi-unit orders as corporate and government entities across the U.S. move from trial to build-out under their initiatives to combat climate change with sustainable EV charging infrastructure,” said Beam CEO Desmond Wheatley. “Organizations are realizing the total cost of ownership advantages of off-grid sustainable EV charging now that they’ve experienced the expense, disruption, time and risks often associated with in ground charging. Beam joins other leaders in recommending 25% of EV charging infrastructure be off-grid and powered by renewable energy to provide secure EV charging infrastructure even during grid outages.”

There are over 3000 counties in the United States. Beam Global continues to expand its government customer base as local, state and federal entities transition from gasoline and diesel vehicles to reduce costs and carbon footprint and to comply with the increasing number of mandates which are in place across the U.S. to reduce transportation pollution.


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