Vanzetti's brand new automatic test bench for cylinders

The new machine handles fully automatically the whole working cycle

Nonstop evolution at Vanzetti: The technical staff has recently developed and achieved an advanced automated system for the hydraulic testing of cylinders and fire extinguishers.
Installed and already in operation at a customer, the new machine handles fully automatically the whole working cycle: cylinder filling, high pressure testing, cylinder emptying and drying by an advanced superheated vapour system.
Featuring very high productivity, more than thirty cylinders per hour with one and only operator managing the whole cycle directly on the control panel, it is available in DUO version (6+6 cylinders) or with single bench (6 cylinders). As a result, the cylinder taken at the end of the cycle is already duly dried and ready for valving operations.
The new test bench has to be considered a development of the traditional cylinder testing unit, FIT50 model, which the company has been producing since early 90s. For those customers already working with FIT50 unit, very interesting the chance to integrate it with the “automation packet”, allowing to automate and convert it into the new automatic test bench.
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