Vanzetti Eequipment's brand-new website is online

The enhanced product browsing is extremely smooth

A renovated design, an higher interaction with our customers, a functional e-commerce platform and an easy product selection. They are the key focus of, our restyled website aiming to be an helpful multimedia communication tool more than a corporate web show.
A comprehensive instrument expressly tailored for gas & fire technicians, stakeholders and purchase managers, helping them to find the right product, informing them about the most updated maintenance solutions and the newest applications.
The enhanced product browsing is extremely smooth so that you can easily get the information you need. Besides the traditional product selection, we added the browsing by means of “application” which allows you approaching the right equipment from the final users markets, such as BEVERAGE, MARINE, CNG CYLINDERS and others.
Another relevant improvement is the e-commerce platform. Expressly for helping out Vanzetti sales partners and top customers – those who have a well-established sales partnership with the company – now it is possible to order some of the items directly online on the new Vanzetti website.

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