US Fire crushes NFPA 1901 performance ratings

With the High Velocity Fire Pump

The global demand for bigger fire pumps for water supply and firefighting has been expanding rapidly for industrial, oil-gas, marine, nuclear, military and municipal markets. In the race to develop a bigger and more powerful pump, US Fire Pump has taken the lead with the release of their new High Velocity Fire Pump. It is the largest NFPA 1901 rated single stage fire pump in the world.


This USFP High Velocity Fire Pump is designed for NFPA industrial fire pump applications and high volume water supply utilizing 600 HP or larger engines that are now available. The pump is designed for applications such as fire apparatus, fire boats, fire trailers, skid packages, and high flow water supply trailers.


The unique design of this pump allows for high flow water supply and NFPA 1901 industrial fire pump applications in one package. Performance range depending on water supply and drive engine power output is an NFPA1901 rating of 5500 GPM and hydrant supply of over 7500 GPM.


A key feature of this pump is the optimized flow through layout, which maximizes the pumps performance from a high flow hydrant system. The pump is also designed for 120HP SAE C/D auxiliary drive output to drive large foam systems or air compressors.


US Fire Pump is a new company comprised of a team of people with over 190 years of fire industry experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and purchasing. This combination of talent and experience has led to the development and production of this remarkable new High Velocity Fire Pump.


For more information on US Fire Pump and the new High Velocity Fire Pump, visit or contact Gary Handwerk at

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