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A new in-depth white paper has been published by global wireless solutions firm Ramtech to address construction fire and life safety challenges in the US that can have devastating consequences such as loss of civilian life and millions of dollars in direct property damage annually.

Titled ‘No Site Left Behind: The Modern Fire and Life Safety Solutions for Construction’, the white paper includes unique industry insight from Turner Construction to help raise awareness of fire risk and the life safety solutions, including wireless fire evacuation system technology, available across America.

The white paper also promotes a higher level of awareness and understanding of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidance, specifically the NFPA 241 (Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations), in order to save lives and protect construction sites.

Jim Mongeau, contributing author of the white paper and NFPA committee member and Director of Space Age Electronics, said: “Having spent 36 years working in life safety development and being a principal on the NFPA 241 code committee, it is safe to say that fire safety is something that I am involved in and passionate about in equal measure.

“I strongly believe that through raising awareness of NFPA 241 and providing construction site managers with the tools to be able to better respond to the threat of fire, by moving away from outdated air horns and embracing technology, we can reduce injuries, deaths and damage caused by fire on construction sites in the US.

“This white paper clearly sets out the challenges we all face, and I hope that my contributions will influence decision-makers to come together and work towards a more innovative approach to fire safety that is fit for the modern day.”

John Tryer, Director at Ramtech North America, said: “Working with our construction partners across the US, we have witnessed firsthand the complexity of the challenges faced by building owners and fire prevention program managers. This unique insight has inspired us to tap into a wide variety of voices and expertise including Jim Mongeau and Turner Construction, in addition to sharing our own learnings within this new white paper.

“Our aim has and always will be to create positive change by better protecting sites through the use of fully customizable temporary wireless systems that offer a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environmental conditions of construction sites.”

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