Tyco unveils new commercial sprinkler for design-focused customers

RAVEN Studio sprinklers

Tyco Fire Protection Products, a global leader in fire suppression technologies, announces the launch of the RAVEN Studio sprinklers. The new solution offers an industry-first option to paint escutcheons in the field, even after installation. Custom colour sprinklers are also available for a high level of aesthetic appeal.

Designed mainly for commercial applications such as hotels, casinos, offices, educational facilities and museums, the 5.6K pendent and horizontal sidewall RAVEN Studio sprinklers provide quick response, thanks to their heat sensitive solder type release element. The sprinklers are available in Standard Coverage for the protection of Light and Ordinary Hazard occupancies and Extended Coverage for Light Hazard applications, as defined by NFPA 13.

The revolutionary paint-in-place escutcheon feature provides design-focused customers with a wide variety of custom colours to match the palette of nearly any project. Aesthetic appeal of the flush design is enhanced by concealing the deflector and other operating parts behind the link assembly. Engineered for precision fit, the sprinklers’ protected design minimises accidental activations for greater safety and efficiency.

“By incorporating an unobtrusive, low-profile design with a paint-in-place escutcheon, Tyco’s new RAVEN Studio sprinklers are uniquely discreet in the industry today,” said Luke Connery, global product manager, Tyco Fire Protection Products. “This enables architects and interior designers to benefit from an enhanced level of creative freedom not available with more traditional sprinkler options.”

For additional information regarding the RAVEN Studio sprinklers, visit www.tfppemea.com

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